Wednesday, December 07, 2011

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We've put up the Christmas tree, lights, and wreaths!  I still don't have a mantle, and our artwork and pictures still aren't hung.  I have high hopes for sewing stockings this year, but we'll see what I get to!  For now, I'm proud we've made it this far and that we're almost done unpacking.  Can you see the candy cane ribbon on the gas lamp?  So cute, and Steven's idea!

A happy St. Nicholas Day yesterday!  The kids got some candy and ornaments in their shoes (candy was in little Santa containers), and then we rushed off to take Daddy to work (broken car), and then to a nursing home visit with the homeschool group.

 Ellie was so sweet helping this lady play Bingo.

After Bingo, they sang some Christmas carols.  I loved this home; it's run by the most joyful Carmelite Sisters and is just a few blocks away!  I hope we can try to visit often. 
I was proud of the way the kids really took it upon themselves to make some special cards for the residents. They spent lots of time over the weekend writing, drawing, painting, and glittering!

My funny climbing boy.  He is climbing on stools, ladders, high chairs, and tries to get into the sink.  Such a big boy and too cute for me to discipline too much! 

Steven Joseph cut a little chunk out of his hair the other day.  He had a bandaid on his forehead that was stuck to his bangs so he snipped it a bit.  It didn't look too bad, but the bangs were getting long anyway, so I trimmed them a bit while he was in the shower this morning.  Well, when he got out and dried off it didn't look right, so another snip here and a snip there...and then I had to cut it all off into a buzz!  I'm so sad.  I was just commenting on how much I love the boys' hair.  Oh well, it'll grow back, right?  I'm still grieving.

Well, hopefully soon I'll get my camera fixed and get the old photos off of it.  We're doing okay here although it's been a crazy few days...broken toilets, broken car, and all those other little minor things that can seem so big at the time.  Hopefully a weekend back home with family and friends will be just what we need for a little perk-up amidst this now-winter weather!

Hope you all are having a blessed Advent season so far!


priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

Your retirement home visit looks like fun- we hope to make it to 'ours' next week

Melanie said...

The rhyming is so cute! Your blog is a treat, I'm glad I found you through phfr.

Colleen said...

I've been there re: the hair cutting issue, but I have all girls, so buzzing it all off isn't an option :)

Lisa said...

It must be difficult to be settling in to a new home and preparing for Christmas at the same time - you have a good attitude!

Rich said...

Congratulations on the new house! We spent many years in Corpus Christi since both my parents are from there. It's driving me nuts trying to figure out what neighborhood you're in because the houses look so familiar.

I'm glad you found a parish, too. Corpus has so many different styles of Catholic worship, there's really something for everyone. What convent are you attending?

We will pray for your old home to find renters! I know it can be a real albatross hanging around your neck, but God will provide.

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