Thursday, December 29, 2011

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The evening of the 26th we drove down the main road by the water to find a park.  We've been getting a bit stir-crazy at home; it's been an odd Christmas week with no family or friends to visit, or activities to do!  Here are the pretty girls with the pretty ocean in the background!  Ellie got the skates for Christmas and Mary Clare insists she doesn't want any, she just wants to wear mine!

Looking at the Christmas card photos on the side of my fridge makes me very HAPPY!  I love seeing everyone's beautiful faces and growing families!

My funny little Eskimo baby!  I'm pretty sure I found some photos of Steven Joseph wearing this coat at age two.  But it already seems tight on Thomas and makes it so he can hardly move!

My sweet baby is here awake with me right now at nearly 1:00am, after going to sleep at 8:00pm for a few hours!  This is REAL life in the night with a baby cutting 6 teeth and having a stuffy nose and earache.  He's happy when he's awake, but isn't sleeping very well at night.  But it's time to try again.  Good night and happy 5th day of Christmas!!!


*kate said...

Poor baby! I hope he's feeling better soon and you all get some sleep :)

Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Aww! Poor little guy! I'm right there with you though, expect my little guys is nearly 4!

Lisa said...

I think we got two photo cards - you have so many!!

Melanie Gillespie said...

We love looking at Christmas cards too! I read somewhere about picking a different Christmas card each night through the year and praying for that family. I think we are going to try it in 2012. :)

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