Sunday, December 25, 2011

Advent Memories 2011

On Friday the 15th, our homeschool group met at a nearby nursing home for a Posada nativity play.  We got there and had about a half hour to find costumes and prepare in this living area. Ellie is towards the right in a white angel gown.

Mary Clare is standing here with the hat on.  She didn't want to participate until right before they were about to start.  Then she decided she'd go ahead and put on an angel gown too.  I was proud of her for joining in, even though she didn't really want to.

Here they are performing for the elderly residents.

Mary Clare is to the right of the little blonde toddler and Ellie is behind the child in the black robe.

They sang some beautiful Christmas carols and then were given some special treats by the staff!

Steven Joseph didn't care to join the play.  He watched with me while Thomas slept in the stroller.  SJ was fascinated by this dancing Santa display!

After the nursing home, on this cold winter afternoon, we headed to the church where the kids played on the playground and later had a 4-H meeting.

The weekend before Christmas we drove around looking at lights.  This was a huge Nativity display in someone's front yard!  The house is behind it, and it was larger-than-life-size!  They even had caged white doves and gave out popcorn and punch to visitors.

In between our bouts of a stomach virus the week before Christmas, we went one evening to a nearby nature preserve at dusk.

A beautiful sunset!

We made fried donuts with biscuit dough on Steven Joseph's birthday morning.  Thomas wants to sit in a big boy chair these days, and usually SJ does too!  We are out of chairs.  That will be one of our goals this new year, to find a set of dining chairs, and possibly a table (or we'll paint ours).

Here's Steven Joseph at his birthday dinner with his Playmobil pirate case! 
(Oh these fuzzy iPhone photos are driving me nuts, but at least they tell the story.  Anyone have recommendations for a cheap but decent point-and-shoot camera?)
 He also got a pirate set from his grandparents, so he's been playing lots of Playmobil pirates and knights!  Ellie and SJ wanted me to take a pic of these guys...

Thankfully he needs my help to climb the trees, otherwise I'm sure we'd have some injuries that a hard hat and life jacket couldn't fix!

And last, a night photo of our "home away from home!"

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