Thursday, November 10, 2011

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It was a gorgeous day today, and a sweet friend drove from across town to spend a lovely afternoon with another friend and me, and all our kids. We hit the waterway, took a trolley ride, feasted in the mall food court, and enjoyed this outdoor scene at the mall (Urban Outfitters and Anne Taylor Loft were cropped out). I liked the pumpkins still sitting around outside; the inside of the mall was decked out for Christmas already. I also love the pretty hairdo on my Ellie. I enjoy doing french braids, but the girls are rarely patient enough to let me do them. This morning, she let me :-) But no bows or ribbons anymore, "those are for babies." :-(

A friend emailed me this photo today from Halloween night. It makes me smile :-) And worry about the teenage years with this little princess, hahaha! Today she told me she didn't need to do her math because she "is beaUtiful, and you don't need to do math when you're beaUtiful." Ellie is a funny one, but really a happy girl who can always make her mama smile. And thinking of all our wonderful friends in this photo makes me happy too.

I am not kidding that my child eats cardboard, paper, crayons, toilet paper. One day he was screaming and I gave him a toilet paper roll to eat. Seriously. Today I noticed that he is getting his molars. Hopefully these eating habits will improve soon! Also funny in this photo is just how bad our kitchen table is. Those pink and black spots to the left of the book do not wipe off. I'm really wanting to paint the table, and seriously considered doing it this week, as if I don't have anything else going on, like MOVING!

Everyone asks if I'm packing, and the answer is NO! I am so glad we'll have a moving company taking care of all of that next week. But I am trying to clean things up, and find some missing items, especially those that belong to other people (St. Anthony, please help!). This was SOME of what I found in the couches last week. The cushions don't come off, so I was digging deep. Yuck!
If you'd like to help with this prayer intention, we specifically would like to find the 2 missing Leapster games (belong to someone else), my watch, baby's best shoes, and 2 schoolbooks of MC's. Thanks!
I'm making it through this last week at "home" by keeping busy and trying not to think about it too much. I just can't believe that in one week we'll be living in a different home in a new city. Thanksgiving will be a week after we move, so we'll be back for that and likely for a few visits in December. So it won't be a real goodbye, but it will be a goodbye to our house and our comfort zone, and if I think about it too much I'll get sappy...and I better just go to bed now. Good night!


*kate said...

We've had books get eaten too, it always is a bit distressing.
Good luck with your move! And all the missing things. Just think of what might turn up ;-) I found all kinds of things in our moves.

Linny said...

What a princess!
I'm dreading the teething of my second child. We gave my son frozen eggo waffles and had those all over the house. If you have a dog, I recommend trying that because it will save you books, your child will be quieted, and the dog takes care of the mess! ;o)

Mary Jo said...

First of all, I love the Halloween picture! What a lovely princess... Secondly, please know that your couch is not the only "keeper of the stuff". Good luck with the move! (Visiting today from Like Mother, Like Daughter.) :)

Colleen said...

visiting from LMLD...
Your sofa picture is hysterical. We moved about 2 months ago and I recall the same experience when taking the cushions off. It was like giving the kids presents, they found so many things they'd been missing!

Mary said...

Good luck with the move! Someday the moving will be a distant memory and you'll be all cozy in your new home. Isn't it amazing what you can lose in a house? We moved last year and never found a pig puzzle piece. I don't think my son will ever forget it either.

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