Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another fun (not goodbye) day with friends

Wednesday was a glorious day, and the perfect day for a friend to drive from across town for a (non) goodbye!  She herself moved several years back but we still stay in touch.  These two moms and I have enjoyed spending time together since we each joined the homeschool group when our oldest kids were preschoolers. Our children are each very close to the same age, though Tommy was the only baby this time!

We had fun at the Waterway, on the Trolley, and eating at the Mall.  A fun day was had by all, and we'll have to do it again the next time we're all in the area!

I love this last photo!  We really looked like a school or something with the number of kids we had altogether!  They were on the lookout for a missing "Squinky" toy that fell into the water!

We'll miss our beautiful surroundings here, but will be thankful to be living so close to the beach in just a few days!

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