Sunday, November 06, 2011

Halloween 2011

The past few years, we've spent Halloween night with friends from our homeschooling group.  With 4 families, together we have 16 kids (plus one on the way!).  It's encouraging that even though one family has moved overseas, they can usually still make it back for this special celebration.  It was an eventful 2 days with our All Saints party the night before.  I was so happy that Steven was able to stay in town to share this night with us. Lots of fun memories (and here is a link to past years)!  Maybe we'll make it back next year!

I was having some camera issues!  But here's most of the crew.

Thomas the sweet lion

Steven Joseph changed his costume plans multiple times, but ended up choosing to be a Texans football player.

 Ellie the ballerina

3 of the 4!  Mary Clare was an Irish Dancer and even wore her tap shoes!

As soon as we let them out the front door it's nearly impossible to keep track of this crowd.  The kids are on fast-forward and we end up in 3 or more groups of faster big kids, slower younger kids, and the little toddlers hanging behind with the parents :-)

Again, camera issues here, but I love Tommy's smile on Daddy's shoulders!

Somehow I convinced them to all take a picture before the candy fest!

Best buds!

Friends forever :-)

 And one pic of the candy fest!  What a fun night!

We are so grateful for our friendships and hopeful that they will continue over the miles!

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