Saturday, October 01, 2011

TomTom's First Birthday Celebration!

Our sweet Tommy boy had to share his birthday week with his big brother's surgery adventure.  But he didn't know any better and enjoyed himself regardless!  

The day started with all Steven Joseph's pre-op appointments.  We were in the clinic/hospital from about 8am-2pm!  We got to tell the nurses that it was his birthday and he got lots of attention.  A couple people even mentioned that he looked like a storybook illustration from the books of Eloise Wilkin, one of my favorite illustrators!  I agree!

After Steven's appointments we headed over to Grampatti and BopBop's house to visit and celebrate his birthday with the family.  Grampatti took care of most of the details with the preparations and food (THANK YOU!), and the girls helped with the decorations, but I went out and got a few things to make his party nice and colorful!  The girls wanted it to be a "crayon" theme, but it ended up being just a theme-less birthday with rainbow decorations.  Not much time for thematics, games, or party favors this time around, maybe next year :-)

Family members flowed in and out over the course of the evening, because the cousins all had various evening sports and activities going on.  But it was nice to see everyone and have some fun family time before our big hospital trip over the next few days.

Apparently this "Look Who's" banner has been around for several birthdays, starting with Uncle Thomas' 30th, which was the first family event I attended when Steven and I first started dating!

Thomas started to get fussy, so Steven took him on a little walk to let him have a brief siesta in his stroller.  He needed to save up some energy for cake and presents!

Pizza time!
At first I tried to give him a plate with cut-up bits of pizza, but he wanted the whole slice! Why not, birthday boy?

Kids getting ready for cake time!

My four sweet kiddos ready to sing to their brother!

Love this photo!

Present time!

It was a fun birthday evening, and it ended up being nice to go home and rest that night instead of immediately to the hospital the next morning, since the surgery was moved back a day.  We also got to celebrate Thomas' birthday and have cake again on Thursday with NeNe and PaPa.

Thanks to all who made Thomas' birthday special even amidst the anticipation of his brother's big weekend.  I can hardly believe that our little guy is already a year old!  We are so blessed to have our sweet Thomas William in our family and can't wait to see what fun his 2nd year brings!


theresa EH said...

1) I LUV the outfits the girls are wearing!!
2) Tommy is so lucky to have so much "help" to unwrap his gifts ;-)

Jill said...

I remember last year anxiously awaiting any news of the birth of your little guy.
What a blessing.
And what an adorable group of four kiddos you have.
I don't mean to be annoying about who looks like who and all that, but do people say that #1 and #4 look alike and #2 and #3?
It just struck me in the photo of MC holding Tommy.

Great photos. I, too, can't wait to hear about this next year/chapter in his life and your life as a family.

Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

Neen said...

Those are such special moments and you do a great job of catching them on film. Your kiddos have been so blessed to have family to help make the celebrations even more exciting. I suspect that your kids will want to share those feelings with each other even when you move away. They will create special moments that will feel just as big. HAPPY B-DAY LITTLE MAN.

Catherine Anne said...

So sweet and loads of fun

photo baby shower invitations said...

I agree. They look so pretty!

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