Monday, October 24, 2011

Down by the Bay

We went "down by the bay" last week to house hunt and be with Steven during some of his workweek.  We had a nice time, although we didn't find a house until we got home!  

On Monday we got a membership to the Aquarium!  Here are the kids before the dolphin show.  This is going to be a great afternoon outing once we move.  We went at about 2pm and the crowds were very light.  The kids will get to talk to trainers and get in lots of "real" science lessons here!

Love this spot for photos!  So beautiful!

I was so proud of myself for petting a sting ray.  I tend to associate them with the death of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, and I had no interest in petting them.  But I realized that the kids wouldn't try if I didn't do it, and sure enough both the girls tried right after I did.  A happy mom moment :-)

Isn't this bald eagle beautiful?

I was very proud of Ellie for answering the speaker's question about what the largest mammal is!  She knew it was a Blue Whale, and couldn't believe that someone might not know that when I praised her later that day.  Kudos to their Animal Scientist Daddy!

This was neat because there was a diver in the aquarium during the talk!

This sting ray was really big!!!
We look forward to many more days at the Aquarium!  They have a large splash pad and sandbox too, so the kids can't wait to try those out!


 NeNe and PaPa came down to the bay for a night and helped with the kids while I ran around looking at houses and dance studios!

Our last outing before leaving town was the Schoenstatt shrine, right down the road from the bay house where we stayed!  Here are the kids and NeNe and PaPa with the founder (I think).

This is my life!  CRAZY!

heading into the little chapel...

As we were leaving we ran into a sweet nun who said she would pray for our intention to find a house for our family.  Sure enough, the next day I found one!  And it looks like we might have found renters for our home too.  Thanks be to God!

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Neen said...

Very cool chapel visit. We have a moving shrine in my neighborhood to our Lady of Schoenstatt. It is a cool story.

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