Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes it is fun to give in!

I rarely let the kids play at the "germy" mall playland, especially at 8pm! But on this evening I gave in and they were thrilled! I don't think the boys have played in one of these before.

Every now and then it's fun to give in! Last weekend I drove MC to get The Game of Life from the store late one evening. She had enough money and was really wanting it. She was SO happy I gave in :-) Here they are playing it one morning before school.

Have you given in recently, on something you usually wouldn't do?


Jill said...

I usually don't buy the 'kid' processed foods but I gave in and bought 'Bagel Bites' pizza minis and it sure saved me last night when I had 25 minutes between school pick-up and a football game Aslynn had to be at.

Also, last night I wanted to start the winding down process to get everyone ready for bed. But, Aslynn had an idea that they were going to shut all the lights off and make spooky train stories with Henry's train tracks and some flashlights. They got really into it. Aslynn was making scary music on the piano and Henry controlled the flashlights while the boys moved the trains. It was such fun and I just let them stay up until the peaceful playing gave way to fighting. :)

Your kids' clothes are all coordinating. How cute!!

Blair said...

Love the spooky train story idea! The kids were in their co-op "uniform" and I was too. It's pretty cute but we got a lot of stares at the mall!

Neen said...

I didn't comment yesterday because I knew I was going to post my giving in . . .

Anonymous said...

Finally i found your blog!!im happy to see that you all are doing GREAT!!

Diana missies you all!!!
Safway as well!!!

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