Thursday, October 06, 2011

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round button chicken

Watching this guy run and play after having open heart surgery a week and a half ago is just beautiful to me :)

first time in a sandbox at the neighbors' house!


the boys enjoying some outside time being silly with grass-eating PaPa

How do you really survive in an exam room with multiple children for multiple hours?  At least the rooms at the heart clinic have toys!

And a really quick update:
Steven Joseph is doing amazingly well.  He was a trooper getting his stitches and steri-strips off on Monday.  Then he had a hard night and a kind of rough morning on Tuesday.  But I took him to the pediatrician and all was well.  Today we got a clean house, thanks to a kind friend, and spent the day at NeNe and PaPa's house.  I even treated us to a yummy cake from the awesome bakery by their house.  We have a lot to celebrate over here!  Daddy went down to his new office this week.  He'll be traveling there more often now, so we're hoping to find some renters here very soon so we can find a home down there and all be together and settle in our new town in another month or two.  Thanks for your continued prayers for our family!


Anonymous said...

Wow, wow. That first picture is incredible. I'm so glad your boy is doing so well! That's scary stuff!

*kate said...

I agree, what an amazing picture! And the sandbox is always such a hit :)

theresa EH said...

So glad all your boys are doing well ;-)

Bethanne said...

So nice you had support and a clean house to come home to--blessings on you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Blair- isn't this just joy to your heart and soul!! It's amazing the miracles that God performs through the wonderful docs at TCH. Can't wait to see you guys, only three days left!! So happy to see him running around!! Thank you Jesus!!!
Love, kiley

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