Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swim meet vs Cypresswood

Some great action shots by Steven, as well as one of the Shark moms (pics with bluer-looking water). A great meet! They swam really fast!

Me and my blondies

Ellie swimming freestyle

Mary Clare winning her heat in freestyle! She took off almost 5 seconds! She wore a friend's pink flowered swim cap this week since I accidentally ripped her green one while putting it on Ellie. You might also notice Ellie has various goggles on; hers were lost that morning!

Mrs. V always brings great toys!

Ellie swam breaststroke for the first time and was in the same heat as MC.

Take your marks. (right next to each other!)

Mary Clare loves swimming breaststroke

Ellie did a great job but should have been in an earlier heat. I think she was the only 6 yr old swimming this event. They both got DQd as do about half the little ones with breaststroke. It's a hard stroke with no flutter-kicking allowed (Ellie) and no arms below waistline (MC).

Ellie checking out the competition

Steven Joseph would run over to his sisters for a high-five after each race. So cute!

Not crazy about my side profile, but fun memories of me with my sweet Tommy boy.

NeNe and Aunt Kathy before they melted in the heat!

Mary Clare so happy to be lining up for her backstroke

Serious concentration

Love this one from that other mom, a great close-up of my hardworking swimmer!

Way to go, girls! A great meet!

1 comment:

theresa EH said...

WOW!!! Way to go girls!!!!!!! I could barely dog paddle at your age ;-)
NeNe, I keep an umbrella in my car just in case I have to sit outside in the sunshine.

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