Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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A week of iPhonePhuzzyPhotos!


Mary Clare must have taken this of some of the work she's been doing at NeNe's. For more beautiful party and gift items, see my parents' website :-)


He just makes me laugh all day. He was calling this baby sun hat his "swim cap." Such a sillyboy who always keeps me smiling!


Thomas puts up with Steven's antics as much as he can. Everyone was anxious to get to the pool, so this photoshoot was not appreciated!


Yes, real life and motherhood are very messy.
Yes, that's spit-up on my shirt!

Left my camera at my parents' house today. Lots of good photos to add as soon as I have it back. As praying friends, let's offer some extra prayers for Fr. Corapi today (If you aren't Catholic and haven't heard of him, don't worry about Googling, just offer a prayer for him).


Andrea said...

Love that "happy" picture! He is SO cute! (I can't wait to have a little guy too!)

priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

I just love the look on the littlest boy's face- so sweet

funny forum said...

I like pretty picture, really its very beautiful.

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