Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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If I'm going to have to load them to photobucket to make them look clear, why not make them huge, right?

Here are my beautiful ballerinas after their production, "Ants'hillvania," on Saturday. They danced beautifully as a weed and a flower! Oh how I love ballet and am so glad my girls love it too! This year's production was the story of the Prodigal Son as a musical of ants and other small creatures. It was very cute and colorful and might have been my favorite one yet! I'll try to load some more photos and maybe a video tomorrow.


I'm so happy that we're all well again and can get out and enjoy the world and our family! We went to a local outdoor mall on Memorial Day with my parents in the picture here, and have even visited two local pools in the past two days! Yes, I took 4 kids to a water park YMCA pool last night all by myself! A proud mama moment. Today I was off the hook while NeNe and PaPa watched them in their club pool. The kids are so happy when we go swimming and when they get to see their grandparents and other aunts and cousins! (fellow Aggies, don't mind the hats on my parents, just ignore)

Yesterday the kids couldn't wait for Thomas to wake up from his nap so they could throw him a birthday party! I wasn't a part of the celebration, which took place in the boys' room, but they even made a "cake" for him out of baby oatmeal cereal. He looked so cute in this paper crown they made! And no, it's not his birthday...he's still 8 1/2 months! And apparently this weekend will be the birthday of one of their dolls. This is lots of work for them, these birthdays!


The real life of a homemaker is kicking my rear end. Some of you may have seen this photo on Facebook about a week ago, where I claimed that I need a laundry fairy. You might think that posting this would have helped me to get motivated to fix this situation in the back of my living room. Nope. It's still there, with even more clean clothes in the baskets. At least it's clean, right? I am just not very good at housekeeping. I need to work on it, but I am very much lacking in motivation right now. I'll blame the 100 degree Texas weather. I'd rather just go to the pool.

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priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

the grandparents are so young looking- I thought they were the mom and dad!

Rosie said...

I tell myself the same thing- at least it's clean!
Your ballerinas are beautiful.

organizare petrecere said...

If it is not any problem how is the age of grandparents? Look so so young...

Lindsay said...

Once you do get caught up, I find it helpful to attempt to always fold out of the dryer. Then I at least have baskets of folded laundry. Life happens, of course, and the cycle starts again, but it is a good rule for me to try and follow.

Mrs. Fordyce said...

The laundry looks only too familiar...!

Unknown said...

Your laundry pile looks just like mine...always there and never-ending. Your photo made me feel normal! :) Thanks!

Kristy B said...

I was in the same predicament this weekend (and am often drowning in laundry, never am I ahead). It finally took my husband quietly carrying load after load out of our bedroom and down to the laundry room (not because I asked, because he was tired of seeing it all piled in front of our dresser - sorted, mind you!) That humbling moment, yet helpful one on his part for sure, has gotten me back up to speed. I'm sure when the next busy/pretty/rainy/regular weekend comes up, I'll fall behind all to easily again. I pray you can get on top of it too though, because it does help one's mood. Just trying to stay optimistic until failure creeps my way again ;)

*kate said...

You have beautiful ballerinas :) I so miss recital weekend! Sounds like a great production.

Bobbi said...

Your ballerinas are both so pretty...which is the flower and which is the weed. He he!

Haus Frau said...

My laundry looks like that, too. I'm moving at a slower pace while my dryer is out of commission for the third week running. :( When (if) the replacement parts ever come in, I am having a clean laundry party day!!!!

Andrea said...

LOVING your parents' hats!!! ;-)

Also, your little ladies look so lovely! How fun!

Rich said...

Baby steps with the laundry.

There will always be laundry, there will never be another childhood of your kids.

Carrien Blue said...

My 4th is only a month or so older than your 4th it looks like. I love the expression on his face. My girls are always throwing "birthday parties" too. :)

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