Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

I am so happy tonight. It's very late and I should be in bed. But I am very excited about a new homeschooling opportunity that I learned about tonight. There will be a local Classically Catholic Memory co-op starting nearby and it looks like it will be a wonderful fit for our family! It's only twice monthly and is similar to the protestant Classical Conversations program. I think it will give us all some new excitement for learning and me for teaching! We have gotten into a bit of a rut this year, just doing the basic minimum to get by. Now we'll get to do some extra enrichment learning with friends! I can't wait!

I think we're waterlogged. With daily swim team practice, and visiting my parents' club pool and our YMCA several times in the past 2 weeks, we are getting lots of time in the water. Hey it's 100 degrees so where else can you go? Only a week left of swim practice (and one t-ball game tomorrow), and then we'll have pretty much no plans for the rest of the summer.


Tom-Tom is eating finger foods now. And I think I can claim that he's officially crawling. He turns 9 months this week. He has now cut 4 upper teeth and is about to cut 2 more on the bottom. He is not napping well at all. Only if he's nursing. Today he took three 20-minute naps! I'm exhausted!

Have you seen that baby food that you can just squirt in their mouths? Pretty cool. Just wish they had veggies for my vegetable-loving baby!

"My Maria" (the housekeeper) saved me yesterday. The walls were closing in on me and I couldn't figure out how to even begin to clean my house. A kind gift was used for this very important sanity-saving outsourcing. It had been 8 weeks since she'd last made a visit. I think I can make it about 6 weeks before losing my mind. Housework is not my strength, if you haven't noticed.

Maybe we'll have a new bee video this weekend. The bees have gotten very aggressive in the past couple weeks, so the guys haven't really been able to get in the hive much. Our neighbor made his own smoker to use on the bees, so we'll see if that helps. I think they need to get a bee suit; wouldn't they "bee" so cute in that kind of outfit? (Steven hates when I call boy clothes an "outfit") They sure do look cute here, don't they? Look at my little mini beekeeper!

This kid makes us laugh all day. His antics are hard to explain. One of his favorite phrases right now is, "I have a qwrestion for you." He talks, and talks, and talks. Today he put non-washable pink marker all around his mouth because he wanted to look like me! What an honor :)

At a party today, he came in from swimming and said, "Is it time for the cake, or what?" And he wanted a picture of himself holding this Capri Sun up high. Thought it was hilarious. When he's not biting us or whacking Thomas and me with a football jersey, he's quite a charmer.

I've got to schedule his MRI for later this summer. Please pray for me. I have a little mental block at making this call and being one step closer to his open heart surgery this fall. I am just not ready to face this yet. Oh how it will be nice to have that giant hurdle behind us! (Update: scheduled the MRI for August, thanks for the prayers!)

The girls went horseback riding for the first time at a party last weekend! They've always been a bit scared of this, so I was very proud of them!

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Josie said...

You must be talking about the baby food in capri sun type pouches right? I just bought my first pouches AND they (Plum organics with Boon) make spoons that attach to the spouts!!! It's so easy to have these on the go and feed one handed, literally! I'm guessing the spoon attachments are fairly new because I have yet to go somewhere where I'm not asked about them. Go BUY them!

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