Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where I left off, Park Photos

Happy Easter! We had a glorious weekend and are basking in the Easter joy, anticipating Divine Mercy Sunday in a few days, when Mary Clare will receive her First Holy Communion and our Beloved John Paul II will be beatified! This year I don't have a nice Easter family photo, or any photos after the morning treats in PJs, because we had a little "situation" with the Easter attire (read: someone who didn't appreciate his 3yr son being dressed in an adorable turquoise John-John romper). Hopefully we'll get some good photos at the Mass next weekend.

So I'll start with some park photos from the past few weeks and then try to go through the ~150 images from Ellie's birthday and Easter morning! You'd think with our new internet connection, I'd be blogging more, but life is just moving so quickly...I need a pause button!

Here are the kids with my mom and me at the park in my parents' neighborhood, and then a few from outside a local restaurant. I was working on manual settings. Let me know if you think they look any better than my normal "auto" shots!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter week!


Josie said...

I could definitely tell your settings were different. I noticed before I even read that you had used the manual setting. The pictures look great and you look beautiful! Good job!

Blair said...

Thanks, Josie! I thought they looked a little better, but hard to tell. I'd really like to get a good lens (this is just the kit one), but I figured I'd better learn manual settings before investing in that! I have a friend who teaches basic DSLR classes in Austin; maybe one day I'll try to go to one!

Kristen said...

Too funny. I don't think I will be getting away with the "pretty boy" look much longer either. ;)

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