Friday, April 01, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Bummed I'm not heading to Boston for the Faith & Family mom's day with Jen and all the coolies, but at least I can hang out on her blog a bit! See more quick takes here at Conversion Diary!

1. Our parish had a wonderful pasta lunch and St. Joseph Altar for St. Joseph day a few weeks ago. Isn't it beautiful? All the big families with little kids were the ones who stayed for the free lunch. But I felt really guilty because my baby was babbling and fussing really loud during the homily when the pastor announced the free lunch. Might have been our fault that not many people stayed!

2. A little pic of BopBop and Steven Joseph, hanging out in the backyard last week. What a nice week it was, just to have the back door open, enjoy the beautiful weather, and have their grandpa here to help!

3. Ellie doing her Funnix reading lesson. Latest news on Ellie is that she's 2 days finger-free! She has sucked her first two fingers since she was 3 months old. The nasty tasting nail polish has worked wonders and hopefully our big girl is growing out of this habit just as she's about to lose one of her top teeth in the coming weeks!

4. Mary Clare has become quite a hard worker. We're doing checklists each week for homeschooling and she's really starting to get things done on her own without too much prodding from me. It's great because as the oldest, she sets the tone for the other kids, so when she gets busy doing her job everyone follows suit. Thanks, Mary Clare!

5. Speaking of MC, here is her dress with the sleeves I tried to make. After working on this all day last Saturday, I messed up the right sleeve by trying to add pleats. The seamstress is fixing it now, and we'll pick it up tomorrow and have her picture taken this weekend! I think her veil turned out really nice, so at least I succeeded at one part of this project!

6. This little man is too funny. He had on gloves and sunglasses with a ball-gun in his pocket the other day. He makes me laugh all day long.

Here is his first drawing. Daddy in his truck. See, Daddy has 2 eyes and a mouth, and 2 legs. And the truck has 6 wheels!

7. I have a bath-full of kids now!

Have a great weekend, friends!

1 comment:

Molly Melnick said...

It is so fun when they can all take a bath together. I loved that picture and I am sure you are enjoying finally being there!

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