Friday, March 04, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Let's see if I can get them in before Saturday!!! My internet is finally working tonight. The high-speed internet offered "free" through our city (tax dollars) STINKS! It's getting really frustrating. I'm so glad to have an iPhone, but I think my head is still spinning from writing so many emails on the phone this week! Thanks to Hallie for hosting 7 Quick Takes today!

So a long-awaited blog post...

1. Mr. Chunkaroo! Those legs!

2. Look at my big boys in the shopping cart!

3. Oh my goodness! My girls are grown up! Look at these ballerinas heading to class this week. They are poised and beautiful and I'm so proud of them!

4. Mary Clare is thrilled to be trying on dresses for her First Holy Communion in May. I don't think we've found "the one" yet, but so far here are my favorites and her favorite! Going to take some compromise!

5. And a bonus of little sister who wanted to try on dresses too!

6. A regular day around the B house...SJ playing with toys, girls stole my iPhone for cupcake game, and T playing in his saucer.

7. Little Cooper ended his earthly journey last night. May his soul rest in peace and may his family find comfort in knowing he is free from pain and able to run and play in the Heavenly Kingdom! What a precious little boy...

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