Sunday, March 20, 2011

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

On Tuesday we went to the livestock show with 2 friends and their kids. Last year I planned a big field trip for our homeschool group, but decided that for my sanity this year I could not commit to planning such a big outing for ~100 people! We had planned to go on Monday, but ended up postponing for a day due to stormy weather.

Here are my cowgirls and cowboys checking out the horse show!

Some of the kids standing in front of a big longhorn!

Ellie checking out the "nursery" area. This mama cow had recently given birth to a baby girl.

My little cowboy :)

Kids checking out the chickens

A baby lamb was born while we were there, but there were too many people to get up close and watch. We saw the baby on the video monitor here.

Ellie and Steven by the egg hatchery

Mary Clare watching the lady on a weaving loom

A fun exhibit with animal sounds

Their favorite outdoor activity...the Kids' Farm!

Planting his pepper seed

Harvesting corn

An animal show was a new feature outside. Here was a baby kangaroo!

And an owl! They also got to see a snake, anteater, aardvark, and sloth.

Kids waiting to watch the Mutton Bustin' where 5-6 year-olds ride sheep. Ellie didn't want to try it this year, maybe next. SJ can't wait for his turn!

Here's a little girl holding on for dear life!

Thomas spent nearly the entire time asleep in the stroller!

Since we left at 4pm, we decided to go and visit Steven's dad to wait out the traffic. We were happy to have lots of cousins come to visit and Daddy ended up coming after work so we could all stay for dinner!

What a fun, exhausting day! Yeehaw!

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