Monday, February 28, 2011

Mellow Monday

I'm proud of myself for getting up this morning with my alarm! We got most of the schoolwork done before noon. We're getting through this "February Funk" of mine by just sticking to the basics, spending lots of time at home and in the yard, and just trying to soak in these baby moments before Thomas starts crawling out of my arms. My internet connection has been really spotty the past few weeks, so although my funk keeps me from writing more, the computer does too!

On Saturday Steven Joseph went with Daddy to work for awhile. You should have seen the joy and excitement as he packed his backpack and got ready to leave with Steven! Meanwhile I took the other 3 with my parents to go look for First Holy Communion dresses for Mary Clare. What a fun outing! My big girl looked like an angel in every one she tried on. It's going to be hard to pick, although the fact that nearly all of them are sleeveless (and we'd prefer cap sleeves) should make it a little easier.

On Sunday we went to the earlier English Mass instead of our usual Latin Mass. Maybe it was going to confession right beforehand with my big girl, but I had this overwhelming sense of joy and thankfulness that we are able to attend Mass together as a family and in such a gorgeous church that draws your mind to God. It's so much easier to focus there, and the kids' church behavior is really improving. It's a blessing to be in a smaller church community where we can really get to know the pastor and can feel an important part of the parish, even though we have not much to offer ministry-wise. Just being there together with our growing family brings lots of smiles and encouragement from other parishioners and clergy.

Ellie's birthday is on Good Friday this year. I'm trying to figure out how to make it special as we'll be ending Lent and getting ready for Easter as well as MC's First Holy Communion. I think we might just celebrate her "Bunny Birthday" on Holy Saturday. I bought a few boxes of Easter decor and treats from an online classified ad today. Turns out the kind lady lives around the corner and came to deliver the goodies. The kids were THRILLED! I don't spend a lot of money on holiday decorations, especially for holidays other than Christmas, but the girls are always wanting to decorate more. It's going to be a fun Easter! Just looking at those boxes which we put in my "mom cave" brings a smile to my face :) By the way, I'm going to have a goal to finish that Mom Cave by Easter!

Thomas is such a big, chunky baby at 5 months old. He is definitely teething and tries to chew on anything in sight. Today while the girls were cleaning up (they did an amazing job with the motivation of the Easter goodies), Steven Joseph sat by Thomas in the exersaucer for about 15 minutes playing with him and giving him his little ring toys to chew on. It was so sweet! SJ has been getting into quite a bit of trouble these days...3 always seems a harder age than 2 for me. But he is so, so remorseful. His little apologies are just the sweetest. A little heart of gold. Oh how I can't wait for that heart to be healed up and not worry about this looming surgery day-in and day-out!

My friend Sarah's little Cooper is fading. Today was his brother's birthday and they were so glad he made it through. But he is apparently sleeping most of the day and not comfortable while he's awake. Sarah said she's now to the point of praying that God will take him so he doesn't have to hurt anymore. Such a horrible experience for all of them to go through. Please pray for comfort and peace for this sweet family.

I'll have to add to my blessing list, with some photos tomorrow, if the internet will cooperate! For now, it's off to bed! Trying to make myself get in bed by 11:00. It's 11:11...

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Jill said...

Yes, the communion dresses...I some some plunging necklines with spaghetti straps.
I actually didn't even take Aslynn with me because I knew she would really fall for those dresses- especially since the spaghetti straps had little rhinestones all over them. :)
So, I did some pre-shopping and we still had fun trying them on at home.
Amazing to think that our 'baby' girls will soon have their first communions. Wow.

Three has seen some rough behavior around here as well. My mom was just commenting last time she was here how Henry seems to happy all of the time and always willing to go with the flow.
I swear, since the day she said that his behavior has changed. :)
For him it's a combination of knowing the baby is coming very soon and seeing me slow down because of it. But, also his brothers are so close and always into their own things and I think he feels like everyone in this house is constantly saying, "No Henry!" to him. Luckily, if Aslynn is in a good mood, she and Henry have some very happy times playing together.

Anyway, your posts always resonate with me. Seems like we have similar personalities and ages in our households.
Just have a set of twins next. ;)

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