Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cosleeping and God

Last night I was awake for a few hours in the middle of the night. I came back and snuggled into my warm bed with my sweet chubby infant.

He immediately sensed that Mommy was near and, eyes closed, started to search for something to eat. His hunger was soon gratified, he nursed and a few minutes later was back to sound sleeping.

I thought about how this is like our relationship with God. Sometimes we feel alone in the night, sleeping in bed, and are hungering for someone to fill our spiritual or temporal needs.

Our God is so loving, just like a nursing mother next to her infant in the night. We only need to move towards him, and he will know our needs. We may not even open our eyes. We may not even have to loudly cry out to him, but our God is there to fill us with his love and his grace.

More blessings, I'm thankful this Thursday for:
31. Big Thomas (aka BopBop) here to help
32. Listening to lessons of saints and mercy being taught to my girls before I am even out of bed
33. "I love yous" from toddlers
34. Sweet kisses from big girls
35. Baby babbles
36. Good crusty ciabatta bread
37. Oreo cookies
38. Kind friends and family always thinking of others first
39. Warm home and warm clothes on cold days
40. Sunshine

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