Monday, February 07, 2011

Blessings today

21. A birthday gift forgotten until today, a sweet note and 4 shiny quarters

22. A toddler boy who followed suit and found some coins of his own to give to Mommy, so sweetly.

23. Balding baby boys in stripes, grabbing at plastic ring toys

24. A new journal to chronicle my blessings,

25. And a fridge full from a kind friend who knows how difficult grocery outings are for me

26. Kids swinging in backyard sunshine

27. Daughter singing Latin chants, reading her prayers

28. New free reading program, smoothing out that area where I needed help

29. Reading books on couch with all 4 kids snuggled close

30. Another birthday celebration to end the day, with a cake baked by a sweet friend and decorated by my sweet kiddos


Jill said...

Sorry I'm late to comment, but Happy Birthday! :)

Kimberly said...

Loved your post Blair, and the pics of your sweet kiddos. And your baby boy is SO ADORABLE! Oh my goodness, he looks so edible...I could eat him up!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful blessings, Blair! You are immensely blessed!

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