Sunday, March 07, 2010

A perfect find!

The past few weeks I've been brainstorming about ideas for better organization in our homeschool room. A week or two ago, the girls and I cleaned up the schoolroom, moved the tables back to a corner, and organized the cubbies so each child would have a spot for the most important workbooks and texts that they use each week.

But I was still at a loss for where to put my teacher books and manuals. I was trying to formulate a plan to have Steven install adjustable shelves (like hers) up high on the walls. I currently have a lot of my books stored in the pantry. Over the past week, we've received a few dozen books for next year's curriculum. And they've been taking over the house!

Yesterday morning we took a walk around the neighborhood. Many families were having garage sales. But we didn't find much that we were interested in, save a 10 cent novel for Steven! Later that day I did jump out of the car to check out a sale several streets away. They had two big bookshelves; the kind you might see magazines sitting on in a bookstore. One was white and stole my heart! Only $10! But hubby insisted it was too big and so I moved on to our next activity without much thought.

Today I happened to drive by that house again and saw that the bookshelf was out BY THE TRASH! For free? He had to say yes! I will admit I've been quite a hormonal mess today, with a painful neckache and overwhelming feeling about the state of our house and my inability to stay on top of any of the housework. So I think that might have played into his agreement to try to get the shelf, as he whisked two of the kids with him to the grocery store (he's a superdad, isn't he?).

It wasn't until we had the shelf cleaned up and added some books that we both felt it was really going to work. What a perfect find! I've got all my manuals, next year's books, and stuff for special subjects at the top, and our Alphabet Path books (Letter Ss for this week!) on the bottom. I hope this serves us well; the kids are enjoying it already!


Kimberly said... did GOOD! If David hadn't built us a big bookcase with 3 shelves years ago...the gameroom would be a mess.

Rachel said...

That is awesome! I can't believe they were going to trash it. It looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

oh what a find!!! wonderful!!! :)
and courage to take care of everything with the hormones... not fun times, but it will go away..

MolleenCarie said...

LOVE IT, Blair! I have been wanting rain gutter shelves for a long time so that I can face picture books out.

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