Monday, March 22, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path--Letters R and S

This iPhone user has not been on the iMac computer much recently. But I'm finally taking a few minutes to post our R and S Alphabet Path adventures!

Rr is for Ragged Robin Fairy and St. Rose of Lima


Catch a Rainbow experiment

Rabbits! Here is our Peter Rabbit Tea Party.

I didn't get a photo of all our Rr books. I checked out a bunch from the library, many recommended on the Alphabet Path plans. They included Rapunzel, the Little Red Hen, Little Red Riding Hood, and various Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter Treasuries.


Ss is for the Strawberry Fairy

Making S's and snakes with playdough


Mary Clare made the Sun and planets

Here are all our Ss books, including lots by Dr. Seuss, some about snow, space, Sammy the Seal, Snow White, and the Wild Swans.

1 comment:

Gae said...

Dear Blair,
I always love your alphabet posts.
Is that a little picture book display bookcase?
Did you make it?
Is it as good to own as I imagine it is? I have always wanted one and am wondering if it is worth it.

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