Friday, March 19, 2010

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Field Trip

Well, we survived the big field trip of the year! Nearly 100 kids and parents attended the Livestock Show and Rodeo yesterday. They ended up splitting our group, so I'm not sure we even got to see everyone! I think next time we'll try the self-guided field trip; we couldn't really hear our guide and she went a little fast for our liking. Here's what we did...

Started with the bees...

Checked out some cattle

and hatching chicks!

A quick walk by the rabbits (my kids had no interest in petting)

and a little snapshot with a few of our friends

watched a lady spin wool into yarn!

Steven Joseph nearly threw a fit when I was trying to skip over the long line to sit in the tractor!

Later after lunch, we watched the kids' sheep riding competition and then moved on to the Fun on the Farm exhibit where the kids pretend to be farmers. It was really cute!

First they each got a basket, then "fed" a hen and picked up a wooden egg

Then they got to plant a seed, water it, and harvest the vegetable! Ellie planted a pepper...

and MC a tomato

They "milked" a cow

and picked an orange

Finally, they picked an ear of corn. Steven picked through them, and walked away! Guess he wasn't interested in corn!

in the end, they sorted their items back into baskets, were given a "dollar" bill, and were able to choose a juice and a snack to take home!

Here are each of my "farmers"

Several of our friends tried out the mechanical bull! We had a blast watching them and cheering them on!

Last but not least, we watched a bit of a horse show in the arena. SJ and his friend J enjoyed their raisins from their farming work, and the older kids enjoyed watching the 3-8yr-old riders in the horse show.

After a long swing by Sonic for the best Route 44 slush I've ever had, we swung by Steven's office for a potty break. He drove the kids home while Mommy enjoyed a quiet drive in the truck. Deep breath...field trips are all over for now and I'm having a slow morning today, about to head over to Nature Club this afternoon!

Happy Feast of St. Joseph to all! May St. Joseph pray for all the fathers who work so hard so we can enjoy fun days like this :-)

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Kimberly said...

Wow...that was a LONG day for you...glad you survived! Put your feet up sweetie, you deserve it!

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