Monday, March 29, 2010

Joey Boy-27 months

He just seems older and older every day now. He's quite the "ham" and loves to participate in our conversations. The other night as we were heading to the pool, Ellie asked where the pool was. "Long way away!" he responded. Then she asked which one we were going to. "Big one!" he said. Once he got there, though, he kept insisting he just wanted to "go back to Mommy!"

He still loves his Spiderman items...sunglasses, t-shirt, umbrella, fishing rod, and underwear. He can be really particular about his clothes or his shoes. He wants to take his shoes on and off himself, "me did it!"

He's now fully-weaned although every few days he'll throw a little fit wanting to nurse and I have to distract him. He's sleeping really well and taking 1.5-2hr naps with Mommy which I really love right now. I am just so exhausted that I need that middle-of-the-day rest!

The other day his sisters dressed him up in a sailor suit for a little production they were putting on. He kept it on most of the day.

Later that afternoon, they decided to celebrate his "7th" birthday. He gladly participated! There were presents, and they even made this "cake" out of a fruit smoothie which they put into a tupperware and froze for a couple hours. Then they added strawberries to the top and 7 straw "candles". Too funny!


Melissa D. said...

awesome! I love the relationship the three of them seem to have, and know they will all enjoy the newest little addition this fall.

Jill said...

Funny thing, Henry is '6' around here. :)
Love all the photos! I've been thinking of you often!

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