Sunday, July 06, 2008

other important milestones

-likes to flap his arms like a bird when he's excited or upset. Steven said he was doing it when the firetrucks came by at the parade. Again showing just how different he is from the girls who have always been terrified of loud noises!
-cut his first tooth over the weekend (july 5th). Steven was joking with his family on Friday about how putting that toy drill in his mouth was going to speed things along...apparently it did!
-likes to spit and blow bubbles

-at mass randomly asked "Mommy, when I am going to get bigger?"
-leaves out the first syllable or sound in many words, like "(re)cital", "(A)lissa", "(g)wocery store", "(g)waham cwakers", "(com)puter", "(be)u-hind"
-along with her brother made it through the firework show without freaking out. And it was LOUD.
-will jump off the side of the pool (with floaties or life vest) with no one near her, letting her head bob under.

-still scared of fireworks...Steven had to take her back to the car
-let Mommy cut her hair yesterday. A few inches.
-read 4 sentences in a phonics workbook yesterday
-just learned to play checkers
-is a little fish at the pool!

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