Sunday, July 06, 2008

almost forgot

to mention that we also made a quick jaunt to "collegetown" after the funeral thursday to see some friends visiting from out of state. here are the kids and i at my church "home"...where i came to know my faith, where we married, etc. i tried to make confession but was too late. but i did have some yummy steak and a baby crying half the way home ;-/ i think i might try that trip again in a few days...we'll see how brave i am!!!


Colleen said...

Oh, I love going back there! It still feels like home to me, too. It's where Eric came into the church and where we got married. I miss it so much!

Lillian said...

We're going to try to go to Austin tomorrow to see the Freerange family. I couldn't see driving all the way to C.S. Although I would LOVE to!!

Stephanie said...

I love going back there too- so many good memories. Actually we got engaged in that church. :-)

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