Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just need some quiet

One evening last week Mary Clare ran into the living room to find me. "Mommy! Mommy! Look! I braided my pony's hair all by myself. I just needed to go away into a quiet room for a few minutes and figure it out."

Isn't that what we all need sometimes? To have some time in quiet just to figure it all out. I was hoping Adoration tonight would be a good time for that. But my little tagalong decided it would be more fun to keep me busy entertaining him without a whole lot of quiet meditation and discernment with Christ. But that's what my life's all about, right? Actually I did do a little discerning about our homeschooling goals and schedule, and even had a late night run to the grocery store afterwards.

So when was the last time you went away and rested awhile? What did you figure out? How to braid?

Or did you come out with something like this?

I'll be praying that all of us mommies, as we enter into the new "year" in August, will make some time to get away in the quiet for awhile. I pray we all come out with some beautiful "braids" to show for it!


Aunt Katie said...

I love to read your posts. You are so insightful. Christ said "be still and know I am with you" and that is something we forget to easily. Thank you for reminding us.

Lerin said...

Thank you for this post!

Shelly said...

nice analogy. cute hair!

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