Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's what we do around here

Swim, swim, swim

We love summer!
Ellie crashed when we got home tonight and has been yelling out in her dreams..."I don't need floaties!"


Amy Parris said...

You'll also love that life jacket. We have the same one and it's amazing. It keeps the kids upright instead of flipping them to their backs and also stays in place instead of floating up around their ears.

Where did you find yours? People ask me all the time and I don't know because ours was a gift.

Lillian said...

Hey!! I recognize that place!! You're here!!!!! YEAH!!!

Blair said...

Yeah, we've had it a couple years and love it! I wish we would've gotten a 2nd one. I think we got it at Academy (sporting goods)...not sure if you have those there?

Blair said...

Actually, that was at a friends house here, Lillian! We'll be there Weds...I'm going to call you tomorrow!

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