Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mission Organization Update

Days 1 and 2 are going well so far! I feel like I'm getting a handle on the laundry and keeping the house clean. I can't wait to get my planner, I'm very anxious to start putting things on a real calendar (I've kept all appointments and meetings in my post-partum brain so far this year; thankfully I haven't missed anything important!). I'd also like a place to keep a running to-do list and grocery list. I have some other new goals and ideas for myself below and here's how I've done on the schedule so far:

6am Wake up with Steven to make his lunch. Allow myself to “rebag” (during this transition at least)
Mon-Yes, Tues-No

7:30am Morning prayers and meditation
Sort of

8am Morning chores w/ girls: get dressed, brush teeth, make beds, put in laundry, unload dishwasher if needed
Yes to all but dishwasher today

8:30am breakfast
Yes, except me (I'm not a breakfast person)

9am schooltime: lessons w/ Mary Clare, reading to Ellie, etc
Mon-No, Tues-Yes

10am playtime for kids, breaktime for mommy
Of course :)

11:30am start preparing lunch
Mon-Yes, Tues-late

12noon Angelus and lunch

12:30pm Chores: laundry, tidying

1pm REST
N/A to the rest here...yesterday we went to the park and had make-up dance class, today we have dance, yesterday we had leftovers and today we'll eat w/ my parents

3pm Play with kids
4pm Dinner prep
5pm House clean up
6-7pm (when Steven gets home) Dinner
7:30pm kitchen cleanup
8pm baths and pjs
8:30pm books and bed

Kids in bed by 9pm, me in bed by 11pm
Yes to this so far!

Other things to work on:
~Laundry-(Veronica's method) Put a load in each morning, don't worry about sorting. Hopefully this will help keep me down to ~1 load a day, besides diapers every few days
~Kitchen-clean and sweep each night, wipe down table after all meals, swiffer wetjet once a week
~Bathrooms-clean kids' bathroom when bathing them, master bath once a week
~Dishes-run each night, unload each morning
~Kids-dress before breakfast and brush teeth in morning (we always forget this), they help with a few chores in morning and afternoon
~Internet-remember how easy it is to get sucked in! Quick early morning check after making Steven's lunch. Then no internet until 10am, after prayers, breakfast, and chores!
~Night routines for kids-bathe and PJs by 8:30, then books and going to bed in their bed! Ours is getting too crowded with 5 people!

And some pictures from our park outing yesterday (and the Moby is perfect for the park!):


Lillian said...

FWIW, I don't sort my laundry either!! I just throw it in. IF I do sort, its by person, not colors. That way, when I pull it of the dryer, I can put it in a basket for a child to fold and then put away. Its easier if I only give them their own clothes.

Except towels!! I do wash towels separate from clothes.

Good luck with your new schedule!!!

Also, what does "rebag" mean???? Totally confused on that term?

Celeste Creates said...

You might check out motivatedmoms.com. I am pretty naturally organized but I am so impressed with the download I paid for. Email me if you want some info or ideas.


Jill said...

It's great to hear how you're doing.
By the way, LOVE the new banner. Two sweet pinks and a baby blue!

B-Mama said...

Blair, can't wait to hear how you like the planner! I'm inspired to get one too... Prayers for your new schedule and goals, mom of three!!

Anonymous said...

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