Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Learning to spell...

Mary Clare just got upset with me. She wanted to write "Ellie, I love you" on a card for Ellie. She had already written "I" and a heart, so I just told her to write a "U". For some reason this was not what she wanted and she started throwing a fit. She wanted me to write the full "I love you" on the card, which I did. But apparently I didn't write it in the correct spot. She flipped out and left for a minute, coming back in the room with a "love note" for me. It says:


"I don't like you!" It's the sweetest thing I've gotten all week! She's learning to spell!!!

Edited to add that soon after she came and crawled in my lap and started crying, "because of the bad note I wrote". I told her I actually liked it!


Lillian said...

LOL!!! Congratulations mom!! Your first "love" note. Save it!!!

Neen said...

That is such a cute story. You are a great mom. We really do have to find the positive any where we can!
In Him

Colleen said...

That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jill said...

Why does this sound SO familiar to my own nearly five-year-old daughter!? I'm smiling and laughing here. What a great story.

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