Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

We've had a nice Palm Sunday, a windy and cool day here!  I wore my comfy navy maxi skirt (Kohl's), tan tee, and turquoise sweater with my favorite colorful scarf and clogs (thrifted).

Jewelry handed down from my mommy :-)

And I thought I'd share my little beauties since they looked so cute today!
Ellie (left): dress (Target), leggings (Ross), sweater handed down.
Mary Clare (right): shirt (Gap kids), bolero (Target), skirt (resale), leggings (Children's Place), 
and headband she made this morning with supplies she bought yesterday at JoAnn's.

And to share some more fashion fun...
We got some great wedges for Easter yesterday!

Aren't they cute?
The girls' are from Ross and mine are from Marshall's.
We'll have to pretty-up our toes before Easter!
Love these shoes!  And mine are very comfortable, too.  Bonus!
They are "Born Concept" brand (b.o.c.), and I nearly missed them on a display.

I don't have any good Lenten thoughts today.  I'm honestly very ready for the Easter season!
The one thing that took my thoughts for a few moments at mass was this verse of the Sabat Mater:
"Make me feel as thou has felt;
make my soul to glow and melt
with the love of Christ our Lord."
This week, may we feel as Our Lady felt, may our soul both glow, and melt, with love for Our Lord.

Go and see more Sunday best over at Fine Linen and Purple!


Kathryn said...

Blair, love the outfit and your Easter wedges! You always look so classy. Have an awesome Holy Week.

Jen M said...

Gorgeous wedges! Love the blue sweater.

Rebekah Es said...

Just gorgeous! I love your skirt! And I love it when people show their kids, I am always looking for inspiration there as well. Adorable, and the shoes are fab!

[non-judgmental question ahead:] Are the leggings on the girls for fashion (which they are adorable) or do you prefer to have them cover more of their legs? I have such a hard time finding girls' dresses or skirts that even cover their knees for church, and soon it will be too hot in FL to use leggings anymore.

Jill said...

Love the shoes!!

I enjoy seeing your fashionable posts. :)

Colleen said...

I LOVE your shoes!!! Happy Easter to you and your pretty daughters too :)

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