Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Five Favorites


Finally joining Hallie with some of my favorite things this week!

Essential Oils
 These are becoming big in my circles here.  I hosted a party and bought this introductory set from doTerra.  I am still learning about their medicinal properties but I definitely love the smells!

Bulgarian Yogurt
 When one of my "whole foods" friends visited, she shared with me her love of this Bulgarian yogurt.  I like that it is non-fat, non-hormone, probiotic, high in protein, and made in Austin!  I also like the big glass jar and have been enjoying it in my morning fruit smoothies.  Last night I used it to coat chicken breasts before dipping them in shredded cheese and crackers.  It's one meal that most of our family likes (Crispy Cheddar Chicken)!

 Coconut oil and popcorn
I've been using a lot of coconut oil, with the essential oils, as a moisturizer for my currently bad eczema flare, and for cooking.  I used it to cook green beans last night (yum!), and use it a few times a week for popcorn.  We are big popcorn fans these days!

First Communion Fun
I love this season of preparing for First Holy Communion!  We shopped for dresses this past weekend and came home with this lovely number for my little lady (am going to add a cap sleeve).  We went with this store-bought veil this time, too, and bought some shoes with a little heel that sweet Ellie is so excited about!  I love seeing her dress hanging in the front of my closet!  Such a special time for her and for all of us.!

This is my favorite First Holy Communion resource, The King of the Golden City.  It's a beautiful allegory about a little girl and the King.  It's so sweet and I almost passed it up this time, thinking the symbolism would be above her head, but I'm so so glad I didn't.  We're enjoying reading several chapters each day!

Morning arts and crafts
 I decided I'd let the kids start each day this week with something fun.
On Monday we made homemade playdough on the stove (using this recipe 
and adding some essential oils), yesterday they made pancakes and played some games outside,

and today I let them start the day painting some wooden boxes with acrylic paints outside on the porch.  I also let them listen to Glory Stories and CatChat audio on EWTN kids (did you know you can listen to them FREE?) as we were all waking up.  Usually I make them do schoolwork before fun activities, but this week we've all needed a pick-me-up!  Colorful playdough, paints, and saint stories can definitely help make a happy morning :-)

Thanks for hosting, Hallie!  Check out her blog for other ladies' 5 favorite things!


Andrea said...

I am loving this post.
Ok, can you share with me your method of making popcorn with coconut oil? I need to buy another jar for cooking.
I am VERY interested in hearing more about the essential oils. I've used some for cloth diaper purposes and cleaning, but that's all I know.
Thank you for sharing about King of the Golden City. I am going to check that out. AND I had no idea about Glory Stories on EWTN. My girls are going to be crazy excited.

Rebekah Es said...

Oh, we had weeks like that, too, when I homeschooled. That is one of the things I miss most, all of the great activities that were so enriching and we actually had time for. LOVE the little guy in his diaper at the stove. I could have taken that picture myself, and it ain't mornin' around here!

Hani said...

Thank you for sharing about the free Cat Chat and Glory Stories! I've misplaced my big stack of Cat Chat CDs and my 2-year-old keeps asking to listen to them. You have saved the day!

Pie Mama’s said...

That is one of the most angelic First Communion pics I've ever seen. Lovely!

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