Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Fabulous Foursome

I know, we all think our kids are amazing.  But this foursome is quite an awesome group!  My generous friend Kateri is a photographer (Bellezza Photography), and she took these fabulous snapshots of the kids while babysitting them, when Steven and I drove to Austin a few weekends ago.  I've finally been able to upload some of my favorites.  So grandparents, let me know your favorites and I'll get some prints!

These were all taken in our backyard.  I love this one of the four.

And we were given a big print of this one!  They all have great smiles here!

Little Tommy age 2

Beautiful Mary Clare age 10

Yes, the previous owners left a clawfoot tub in the backyard, which had held plants.  
Not really my style, so I'm planning to sell it, but it was fun for the photos!

Steven Joseph, age 5.  Apparently he was Mr. Non-Cooperative for this photo-shoot,
even with lots of bribes!

He had run into a tree at Nature Club a few days prior, hence the scratch across his eye.  Boys!

Ellie age 7 1/2.  I love how poised she is in the bathtub, LOL!

And the fun finale...

Kateri, you are amazing and such a blessing to me.  Thank you so very much. 


Rosie said...

These are so beautiful! What an awesome friend!

Neen said...

Those are wonderful shots of some adorable kiddos. I hope you are all feeling better!

Jill said...

You have a beautiful foursome!!
The bathtub pictures crack me up. I love MC's casual pose and then Ellie's poised pose. :)

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