Sunday, March 03, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Ballet

I'll start with the video of the girls as teacups at the dress rehearsal.  
Mary Clare starts 2nd to right, and Ellie 4th from right, 
then front right in the later part.

And a whole bunch of (not great) photos from the dress rehearsal...

Here's Alice and the White Rabbit

Teacups come on (MC 2nd and Ellie last)

MC on right and Ellie on left

Now they are soldiers ("All the King's Men")
Ellie on left and MC under Humpty Dumpty

Is Humpty going to fall?

Now they are butterflies standing behind their toadstools.
MC in orange 2nd to right and Ellie to right of Alice

Their last dance was the grubworms. 
Ellie had a little mini solo at the beginning.
The ballet director is standing at the left watching :)

MC is 2nd to right

"Crowning of the new queen"
The girls are way in the back on these

They do a funny little move in the finale
("wiggle butt down")

Here's a clearer photo of the finale during one of the student matinees.
I went with Steven Joseph to watch Mary Clare.
Daddy never got to watch the show since he was home with Ellie on Friday,
and I was backstage to be by Ellie on Saturday night.
Hope the DVD doesn't take too long to arrive!

The girls before the Friday night show

Before their butterfly dance 
(poor Ellie was fading; they didn't start dancing until nearly 9pm!)

Some photos from backstage...
Leaping butterfly Ellie!

Mary Clare the grubworm

both of my grubworms in this shot

And a few phone pics from the night...
Ellie in the dressing room.  Poor thing was so, so tired.
But she made it through all 4 dances!

In her teacup watching from backstage

And before their grubworm dance :)

We're so thankful that Ellie was well enough to perform on Saturday night.  She didn't have all her strength back, but she was determined to dance.  It's hard to miss a performance after working several months to get ready for the show!  They both love ballet so much, it's fun to watch them perform, and this was a fun and colorful production to see!  Great job, girls!

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Rebekah Es said...

Gorgeous! I read your post about your daughter having to miss the first performance and it was just so sad!! What a bitter pill, but you had the right attitude and I'm so happy she got better. Your pictures are fantastic, my little girl can't stop oohing and aahing!

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