Tuesday, March 05, 2013


(Warning: graphic news of the gastro variety, sprinkled with lots of sarcasm of the weary mama variety)

We started dark and early at 4:45am with Tommy as the latest victim of the evil Norovirus.  I've pretty much spent the day trying to catch vomit in a bowl, washing about 10 loads of towels and bedding, and redirecting his pleas for drinks to no avail.  I'd estimate about 30+ vomiting episodes.

He WILL find the water or Gatorade or lemonade, he will chug it, and we will see it again in explosive form in approximately 5 minutes or less.  As I just told Steven, who finally arrived home from a day trip that was supposed to be an overnight trip (praise God!), the worst were the times when he was standing in a kitchen chair and the drinks would shoot out across the kitchen.

The middle of the day he spent in painful sobs because he had a horrible diaper rash from gastro issues of the downward variety.  He wouldn't sit or lie down and would only take baby steps around the house.  I guess once he started vomiting drinks only, the other side calmed down a little, although I have a feeling diaper duty will not be fun tomorrow!

The kids spent the day watching such educational films as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Umi Zoomi, Veggietales, All About Airplanes (an interesting Netflix group of cheesy kid shows from the early 90s that Thomas adores), and playing on their Webkins World.  I believe the oldest actually did some of her schoolwork, but the others...nada.  I'm not sure what, if anything, anyone ate for lunch.  Popcorn for dinner, along with the pasta bake I threw together last night with the leftovers, that no one seems to want at this time.

So Mary Clare, Steven, and I are the only ones left "standing" in this charade.  Not sure I'm really standing because I kind of feel like I want to pass out right about now.  Steven asked if I wanted to get out of the house for a bit.  Well, since my elbows and knees down have been showered with "love" all day long, I think I may first need to shower and then I will likely collapse until the next round of whatever with whoever in this family will surprise us next!  Lord, have mercy. 

I can hardly stand the suspense!
(Hoping this week disappears like a black hole into oblivion)

And I'll end with what Steven always says during our difficult family moments..."This is what we signed up for!"  Yes it is.  And I will do it again and again, but hopefully not.  Hopefully we can figure out why our bellies and intestines seem to go haywire every couple months here!  Hope your Tuesday was more terrific than ours!!!


Mary said...

Offering prayers for your sweet suffering family.

Kimberly said...

Oh Blair...I'm so sorry. Stomach bugs are the worst. Although I can say from personal experience that head lice really is the worst (our girls have had it 2x!). Prayer that it passes quickly.

Maybe you should just disinfect the whole house with straight bleach...not diluted or anything!

Neen said...

I know that it is so hard but the positive is that you are creating memories. I am sure your husband, with his big family, remembers the time that everyone got really sick . . . the kids will laugh about this in a few years and you will too.

I always curse poor EVE when we are that sick. Stupid sin. Good luck my friend and I pray you are all healed soon.

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