Sunday, March 03, 2013

Monday Motivation

A new week, a new month.  Four weeks until Easter!  Countdown until Ellie's First Holy Communion!  Bring it on, March!

This past week my biggest accomplishment was staying off of white flour and sugar, besides a few little cheats with crackers and little pizza slices.  I ate smaller portions and allowed myself to be hungry more than usual.  Since I'm no longer nursing, this seems more do-able than it did before.  I only made one Zumba class (tried to go to another at 5:30am but it had been canceled.  Doh!), so I'm amazed that with minimal exercise, I could lose about 10 pounds in the last few weeks.

All those tortillas, pancakes, biscuits, pasta, and rice have been doing a number on me, I guess.  Some things that have helped are grilling a bunch of chicken on the weekend so that I always have that when I don't have other meal options.  We've also been snacking and lunching on lots of popcorn, just popping it on the stove with coconut oil.  Finally, I bought some sprouted protein bread and have been having that toasted with butter and smoothies for breakfast.  Hope I can continue this week!

We hosted a co-worker of Steven's for dinner last week; a lovely meal in our new dining room/schoolroom and the kids behaved really well overall.  We survived Ellie's stomach virus (that's 5 to hit our family since we moved here in Dec 2011!), and are praying that everyone else is spared.  We finished our ballet production after months of rehearsals.  We missed out on grandparent visits since we didn't want to spread a tummy bug, but hopefully they'll come to see us soon ;)  I got my Essential Oils kit and am looking forward to learning about those!  Okay, on for the goals...I need to find an oil to help my sinus headache right now...

Oh but first some prayer requests to help me remember...for health in our family, for my cousin Ashley who is still in hospice care, for another care facility to approve her move to the Dallas area near her family, for our friends the R family who are preparing for their departed little saint +Avery Jude's+ 7th birthday next weekend, for the H family who I've received many prayer requests for--the young mom of 5 had a sudden stroke last week and passed away today, and of course for our Holy Catholic Church and especially the Cardinals as they prepare to prayerfully elect a new Pope!

Goals from last week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. Daily readings
3. Workout 3x (last week was zero, so I must step it up!)
4. Prep for family visitors this weekend!  YAY!  The grandparents are coming :)
5. Laundry catch-up
6. General house cleaning
7. Read to the children every day! Not just school books.
8. Plan for Ellie's first confession
9. Meals: Leftovers, Pizza, BBQ chicken, King Ranch Chicken, and I'm sure Steven will have some ideas for grandparent meals :)

Goals for this week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. Daily readings
3. Workout 2x
4. Stay off white flour and sugar
5. Read to the kids every day!
6. Plan for Ellie's first Confession
7. First Communion dress and planning
8. Stay calm and patient when prepping for ballet and baseball practice, start ONE HOUR ahead!
9. Start school by 9am; no electronics until school is done.
10. Meals: Leftovers, spaghetti, pasta bake (not sure what I'll eat on these nights!), King Ranch chicken, Breakfast for dinner.

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