Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!  Alleluia!
We have enjoyed our weekend with family and look forward to a week filled with fun activities with friends.  I'm going to link with Grace's OTI linkup today, and Fine Linen and Purple's WIWS linkup tomorrow.  Here we are in our Easter best this morning!
Thomas was in hand-me-downs from Old Navy (he screamed when I tried to put on a tie with his white shirt, so I went plaid!). Steven Joseph got new clothes...tie from Target, shirt from Kohl's, and slacks from Old Navy. The girls picked out their dresses and they weren't my favorites (they look so old!!!), but they have their opinions, and their shoulders and knees were covered so that's that! Ellie's dress from Kohl's, Mary Clare's from Burlington Coat Factory, sandals from Ross.

Here they are sitting in front of the church. Oh I love the (Novus Ordo) Latin Mass; it was beautiful! We got to see lots of old friends.  And we talked to Msgr about scheduling Ellie's interview this week for her First Communion (hopefully) next weekend!  Please say a prayer for her!

Here's my outfit.  My photographers didn't do as well as my mirror self-portraits, LOL! And it started raining right when Mary Clare was trying to take them.  Oh well.  I was hoping to find a brighter, more spring-y dress, but never quite found what I was looking for. This navy maxi dress is from Burlington Coat Factory, and the cardi from Kohl's. Sandals from Marshall's.  I think the scarf was from Target.  At least this outfit was comfy to wear all day!

I hope that you and your families have had a glorious Easter Day and that the entire Easter season is filled with the joy of Jesus! 


Shannon said...

What a dramatic scarf! You look so elegant in a maxi dress, and your kids are completely adorable. I love the boys' facial expressions — they're cracking me up!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Everyone looks so happy and bright. Such great photos!

Unknown said...

Such joy! Everyone look so happy. I love it. Great photos too. Happy, Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!

Rosie said...

The girls DO look so old! Beautiful, but the non-poufy dresses definitely add a maturity that I bet you aren't ready for! I love your bright scarf :) Saying a prayer for Ellie - what an exciting time!

Erica said...

that scarf is beautiful! i love the fun colors!

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