Friday, February 01, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Thoughts on turning 35

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)

— 1 —
Next week, I'll turn 35.
 I'm not so thrilled about this.  Usually, birthdays aren't all that meaningful for me.  There have been many years where I've forgotten how old I actually am!  But this year, I'm feeling 35.  I know older ladies will laugh.  But I feel like my body is already falling apart!

I was having some tooth discomfort last week with a swollen gum.  I finally got a mirror and looked up to find a HOLE IN MY MOLAR!  I can't even remember the last time I had a cavity, but now I had one that ended up requiring my first crown.  What a miserable Monday morning that made.

(Here I am recovering in the sunshine on the porch;
it took me awhile to get past the trauma of that drill!)

My eczema is back with a vengeance after a few months of smooth hands.  And I can't seem to get a handle on my weight, even while exercising.  I need a major food overhaul, but that is not easy for this fried-food-and-sugar-lover!

— 2 —
So what am I doing for my birthday?
I've put together a team for the Color Me Rad 5K, and we'll be partying with our friends who are coming with their 5 kids to visit this weekend!  It's going to be a circus here!  I feel like going for a real haircut (I think it's been 3 years since I went to a salon), and highlighting my hair (but Steven hates that).  I'd like to do something fun and crazy!  Maybe I'll plan a mom's night out for next week, too.  I'd also like to find some new makeup.  My skin is dry and flaky above my eyes and my current CoverGirl "liquid powder" that I've been using as long as I can remember just isn't cutting it anymore.  Anyone have some makeup advice?

— 3 —
I feel like this new house is my biggest present.
God is so good to me.  I just spent forever cleaning the kitchen, but it's such a great feeling to be able to actually clean things.  In previous homes, our cabinets and baseboards and even the floor were so old and shabby that scrubbing them never did much.  Now I can actually clean things in my house! 

I'm hoping to finally get our dining/school room furniture soon.  This room is right at the front of the house, and ideally we'd be spending lots of our homeschooling time in there.  So maybe, just maybe we'll get out of town in one of the next few weekends to finally get one of the tables we've been looking at.  I am really itching for a getaway and am still disappointed that it didn't work out for me to attend the girls' weekend a few weeks ago :(

— 4 —
Steven is urging me to go on a trip by myself soon.
He's had lots of hunting excursions, and is generally out of town one night a week for work.  I've hardly had any time sleeping (or eating, or living, really) without a child next to me in the past 10 years.  I love my kids so much, and I enjoy spending our days together, but I think I am desperately in need of some alone time.  Hopefully Steven and I can figure out how to get away as a couple, too.  But first I have to wean the 2 year-old.  This is the longest I've ever nursed a toddler.  One morning this week he stopped nursing and asked, "What's your favorite color, Mommy?"  It's time.  Yes, it's time.

One thing I'm hoping to do for my birthday is redesign the blog!
I'm ready for a fun new look.  I'm trying to kind of "find myself" again after 10 years of mommyhood.  I have always been a lover of bright colors, and have been adding them back into my wardrobe.  So my answer to little Tommy above was that I like all colors, the whole rainbow!  Rainbows are my favorite.  So I'm looking at a design that is bright and colorful and maybe a revamp of the blog name, too.  Any ideas?

— 6 —
After a crazy past 18 months that included a big job change, an open heart surgery for our son, and two big moves, I think I'm feeling like exploring some of my favorite hobbies again!  I love arts and crafts and would like to do some paintings for around the house.  I'm hoping to sew some curtains for 3 different bedrooms.  And I'd like to try my first quilt! 

We've gotten out the guitars and if I can keep the eczema on my fingers at bay, I'm hoping to work on some fun songs with the girls in the coming months.  Mary Clare and I joined the church choir, but I feel like I'm out of my league.  They sing a lot of Latin and Gregorian Chant, which I love, but I'm just not a talented harmonizer and I don't have a very refined voice.  But I do love to sing and I love sharing this with Mary Clare, too.

 — 7 —
Last but not least, prayer.
 My sweet Lord Jesus has been waiting on me for many years.  After leaving the Regnum Christi movement 4 years ago now, I have struggled to find my spirituality again.  I've tried to be easy on myself and not worry too much about following certain prayer commitments or goals.  But a day that doesn't start with prayer tends to go downward fast.  I don't have my focus in the right place most days.  So in my 35th year, I hope to try to start the day in prayer both myself and with the kids.

I found this blog recently and was inspired by her latest post on Morning Devotions.  This morning we read some bible stories and talked about offering our day for some intention.  We also walked to daily mass one morning this week.  I hope we can continue this!  With the Lenten season coming up quickly, these will be great goals, along with an attempt at an evening family Rosary decade which I'm always trying to commit to.  I've got some inspiration and let's see how long it lasts!

So, thanks for listening to my little self-analysis and resolutions.
I hope February is a month of LOVE for all of you!


Anonymous said...

It seems as though you're in great spirits as you approach your birthday. I find I always have better years when I'm positive as they begin.

Melissa D. said...

Blair, I love this post. I find it really positive and yet honest. Plus, even though I am much, MUCH younger (i don't turn 35 until July), I can relate to all 7 of these quick takes. I find if I sit any one position for too long (meaning more than 5 minutes) everything gets stiff. arghh. Up until 1.5 months ago i was still running 3 mornings a week so it isn't like I'm sedentary, just getting ol . . . wiser. :) Love you and happy slightly early birthday!

Kimberly said...

Aw...I love your honesty! I think A)You should go get your hair cut. Every woman feels great after a good haircut! B)Are you using a good moisturizer at night before you go to bed? That helps the dry skin (I have combination skin, so dry on the forehead and oily everywhere else) and C) I hope birthday 35 is good to look like you're only 19!

Unknown said...

Hi Blair! Have you tried any natural moisturizing regimens, with olive or coconut oil on your face? I'm not really one to give advice in this department, as my face is really starting to age. But I finally purchased some amber glass containers so I can store a little of both oils in my bathroom and use them more conveniently than by running to the kitchen.

If you ever want to try to do a girl's weekend, maybe in one of the antiquing towns at a B&B, let me know! We could give it a try. I'm not sure if there is an "in between" place that would make it a decent drive for both of us, though.

Happy early birthday! I'm following you by 1 year and will be having my b-day in March. I do, often, forget my exact age. My kids find this completely incomprehensible.

Anonymous said...

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