Thursday, October 18, 2012

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I made a fall wreath over the weekend.  Hobby Lobby was having a great sale and my colorful t-shirt scrap wreath was needing a break; it's actually getting pretty faded :(  I'm not a big fan of fall colors, but I like the way this one turned out!

I know I've already posted similar photos, but these are from today during the two favorite views.  I got to have two hours in the new house sans kids, thanks to a kind friend.  Looks like it passed inspection and I was a happy mama, getting to spend some time exploring the new house!  We should close a few days after Thanksgiving if all goes as planned.  Thanks for all your kind words and excitement about this move.  We are so grateful to God that we have the ability to buy something that seems to fit our family well and doesn't require any work or updates!  Such a gift :)


These are two funny little men!  Today they were making mud cookies in the backyard as I was needing to get Ellie to ballet class.  Then they did it again when I had to pick her up and take Mary Clare.  What a mess!  They also love playing in the sink together.  Best buddies!

Ellie really wants to get her schoolwork done, do her chores, find her ballet shoes, etc.  But her mind is so busy with all her creative ventures!  Today the baby was napping and I was all ready to start her spelling lesson.  But she started drawing this on her spelling white board, and how could I stop her?  A very cute Nativity, but that's not going to help her learn when to use C or K in a word!  She's a real sweetheart, though.
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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful new house! I love how you could be cooking dinner and watching your children in the living room at the same time. Good luck! (Sent here by Like Mother Like Daughter)

Anonymous said...

your wreath turned out lovely!

your new home looks so nice and cozy ... i would share in your favorite views!

my boys are best buds and do super silly things too. many of them include mud and (oddly) bathroom sinks!

... and i never stop creativity/spontaneous learning to 'do school' Never.

happy {phfr}!

sarah marie said...

I love that wreath! And the open-looking layout of your new home... looks like a wonderful place to raise a family!

*kate said...

I love your wreath. Congratulations on your new house! It's lovely - and what a great yard!

Anonymous said...

Your new home is gorgeous (I stumbled upon your blog from LMLD)!

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