Monday, October 01, 2012

Monday Motivation

We're home!  My surprise was a special Girls Weekend in Houston.  We told Mary Clare and Ellie the night before and they were so excited they could hardly sleep!  After dropping the boys of with Steven at work on Friday afternoon, we called to tell my parents we were on the way.  It happened to be my parents' anniversary, and they were shocked and thrilled!

We arrived just before dark on Friday night and had a quick but jam-packed weekend.  Along with my parents, we got to see several friends and Steven's side of the family, met a blogging friend who I've followed and admired for years, and we had some special outings to some of our favorite places, too.

I'll probably load the photos tomorrow.  Tonight everyone was asleep by about 9:30, which has been unheard of the past week or so.  The boys have been taking late naps, and last night they were both awake until 1:00am!  I'm relishing in the quiet house tonight, and thinking fondly on our fun weekend.

I'm sad to say that I hardly completed any of last week's goals.  I spent a lot of the week planning our weekend activities and many of these things are taking awhile to complete...

Goals from last week:
1. Well checks for boys
2. Daily prayer (Universalis, daily readings app)
3. Shirts for 4-H
4. Write plan for nature club, purchase materials
5. A waaaayyyy late birthday gift that needs to be completed and mailed
6. Daily Mass on Friday
7. Bills and budgeting update
8. Meals: Grilled ribs/chicken, Leftovers, No Peek Stew, Baked Chicken Tenders, Pizza, Breakfast for dinner

Goals for this week:
1. Daily prayer/readings (Laudate App is awesome, thanks to my friend Jackie who clued me in on this app that has an audio podcast for daily readings, reflection, and a message of Pope Benedict.  I'm taking her idea to put it on at the breakfast table)
2. Shirts/Donation for 4H
3. Nature Club prep-watercolors, sample nature notebook page, St. Francis books, treats
4. Update budget on
5. Daily Mass on Friday
6. One of these weeks I will really schedule well-checks.  You can see that I always put this off!  I dislike taking healthy kids to the doctor, and paying for it!
7. Fundraising for Nutcracker
8. Meals: Spaghetti, Pasta Bake, Pork Loin, Rotisserie Chicken wraps/salad, Pizza
9. Start school by 9:00am
10. Adjust iPhone settings and get My Fitness Pal app.

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