Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
We're in contract!  Isn't it beautiful?  I'm sure the magazine-worthy and park-like aspects will be obliterated immediately by our family of 6, but it's fun to look at!  I'm still going to be cautiously optimistic until closing.  But we could be moving before December!

 --- 2 ---
Do you remember this post?  Take a look and see what kind of things I've dealt with while searching for homes in this town!  These were actually from last year when I was looking for rentals, but our house-hunt the past few months has found me feeling similarly defeated.  We've looked at foreclosed homes with foundation issues, fully gutted from mold damage, outdated wallpaper throughout, or no backyard whatsoever.  I'd resigned myself to thinking we'd end up having to settle on a house that would be severely lacking in one thing we really wanted.  So for this near-perfect home to be listed on Monday and offer accepted by Thursday is quite a miracle, and I'm still in shock.  Praise God! 

--- 3 ---
I just now had a really funny Facebook experience and I can't stop laughing.  I posted a picture of an inappropriate message left on my to-go box at a restaurant last night that really upset me.  A friend made a comment about it, and also added to stay away from the one restaurant in "Smalltown" Texas where she had a horrible experience today.  I responded that my close friend is from that small town in Texas.  Then she realized that the restaurant had my friend's last name and it must be owned by a family member!  I immediately erased the comments so as to not offend my friend, but she saw them anyway and got a big laugh herself, thankfully!  It really is a small world!

--- 4 ---
Our closest HEB grocery store was remodeled a few months ago, and I guess I had never been inside their new restrooms until the other day.  Isn't it adorable?

--- 5 ---
And isn't he adorable with his plastic bat at big brother's t-ball game last weekend?

--- 6 ---
Call me, maybe?  I've seen parodies of this song on YouTube and watched friends' kids singing it on Facebook.  I didn't realize the extent of the lyrics until I put it on tonight thinking it would be a fun song for the kids to dance to after Steven mentioned something about it at dinner.  Wow.  I know lyrics were probably just as bad when I was young (remembering..."I think we're alone now"), but as a parent it really gets to me.  "Trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss...I just met you...but here's my number, call me maybe!"  Such a cute beat, though.  I guess I should be glad that Mary Clare is constantly listening to Christian radio these days.

--- 7 ---
I keep doing humiliating things.  Like every day I have several instances where I'm embarrassed at something I've done.  I don't recall having this problem before, but I guess it was because I was in an environment where I didn't notice my quirks as much.  Now they are in plain daylight as I'm making new friendships and trying to maintain old friendships over the internet and phone.  When I first started really growing in my faith, the verse that always struck me was "Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted." Matthew 23:12.  I think I need some St. Therese reading about humility.  I need to become little so He can become big in me.  And I need to stop taking myself so seriously.  And going to bed at ridiculous 2am every night morning.

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Ashley said...

Beautiful house, congrats! It took us a while to find a house too. Definitely saw our share of houses with serious issues.

Colleen said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful home for your family!

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