Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday (lack of) Motivation

Well, an unproductive Monday it was, academically speaking.  I'll claim Columbus Day a holiday!  A few family things got done, the book Emma was completed, and the next Downton Abbey episode watched :)  Laundry-folding has started, dishwasher is running, and we even got the house tidied yesterday with news of some surprise visitors from Virginia!!!

My motivation is definitely lacking right now, but I've got to get on top of things and work on my morning routines.  Mary Clare is doing so well with independent work, but I need to prioritize our group work and getting started early in the day with Ellie before she goes off to play.  I need to get serious about my health and exercise plans, too.  As you can see in the photos, the kids are playing outside much more with the cooler weather, and that has been great.  There's been some excitement and hesitation about our house-hunting adventures, but hopefully something will fall into place soon.  I'd also like to ask prayers for the special intentions of a dear aunt who is in great need right now.  Thank you!

 Goals from last week:
1. Daily prayer/readings (Laudate App is awesome, thanks to my friend Jackie who clued me in on this app that has an audio podcast for daily readings, reflection, and a message of Pope Benedict.  I'm taking her idea to put it on at the breakfast table)
2. Shirts/Donation for 4H
3. Nature Club prep-watercolors, sample nature notebook page, St. Francis books, treats
4. Update budget on
5. Daily Mass on Friday
6. One of these weeks I will really schedule well-checks.  You can see that I always put this off!  I dislike taking healthy kids to the doctor, and paying for it!
7. Fundraising for Nutcracker
8. Meals: Spaghetti, Pasta Bake, Pork Loin, Rotisserie Chicken wraps/salad, Pizza
9. Start school by 9:00am
10. Adjust iPhone settings and get My Fitness Pal app.


Goals for this week:
1. Daily prayer/readings
2. Shirts for 4H
3. Daily Mass on Friday
4. Schedule well-checks
5. Nutcracker fundraising
6. Morning computer, start at 9 with 2 hours focused attention
7. Exercise/My Fitness Pal updates
8. Start planning All Saints' costumes and make a decision about traveling
9.  Meals: snacky dinner, Pork Loin, SW Chicken soup, leftovers, pizza


Megan B said...

You should check with your insurance, but ours now covers well-checks (it's considered preventative care) co-pay! It's part of the new health care stuff that is in place. That might be a motivator to get the appointments scheduled! :)

Blair said...

Thanks, Megan. It first appeared that there was no co-pay for preventative care But then this summer after our dental checks they sent us charges for the co-pays, so I called. Medical co-pays are more than dental, so I haven't been as motivated to schedule them! Maybe things will change in the coming months, though.

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