Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday Motivation

Goals from last week:
1. Daily prayer/readings (partial)
2. Shirts for 4H
3. Daily Mass on Friday (actually Thursday for the opening of the Year of Faith)
4. Schedule well-checks
5. Nutcracker fundraising (got list from Steven, where'd I put it though?)
6. Morning computer, start at 9 with 2 hours focused attention
7. Exercise/My Fitness Pal updates
8. Start planning All Saints' costumes and make a decision about traveling
9.  Meals: snacky dinner, Pork Loin, SW Chicken soup, leftovers, pizza
Goals for this week:
1.  Daily prayer/readings Laudate App for the kids to listen to
2.  Call list for Nutcracker donations
3.  Pick up Texas History book at learning store down the street
4.  Morning routine, start by 9 and finish by noon
5.  Schedule well-checks, dental appt for MC
6.  Work on saint costumes and decide on travel plans
7.  Home inspection
8.  Pay bills, update budget on Mint
9.  Work on Thomas' baby book on MyPublisher
10.  Meals: Leftovers, Pizza, Cream Cheese crockpot chicken, enchiladas

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