Saturday, October 06, 2012

Girls' Weekend Memories: American Girl Place and Family Birthdays

We arrived in Houston late Friday evening, and had a quick visit and some take-out fajitas with my parents before they went to bed, and we went out to meet our friends at the frozen yogurt joint down the street.  On Saturday morning, I woke up and went to "the woods" to brunch at LaMadeleine with some of my closest girlfriends, each with their baby girls. I even had a quick trip to my favorite thrift store!  (All these photos were on the iPhoto collage)

On Saturday afternoon, my parents and I drove out with the girls to the new American Girl Place! We had hoped to have a meal there, but I wasn't able to make reservations in time.  We all had a blast anyway.  NeNe let them each pick out an outfit for their dolls and we all had fun perusing the adorable displays! 

(I guess I need to get a new lens hood that isn't so big.  
It shows up in the corners of all my favorite pictures!)

One of my big surprises for the girls this weekend was setting up a meeting with some of our favorite blogging friends from Simple, Ordinary Lives.  I've read Laura's blog for many years, and the girls absolutely adore her daughter's doll blog and videos.  Nearly all of Laura's children are accomplished ballet dancers, and now they are training in Texas!  It was truly a delight to meet them, and I hope we will be able to get together again soon!  The girls were happy to have an American Girl doll mentor and shopping helper :)

Goodness, I look like a giant here!  Thanks again, Laura, for coming out to meet us!

After our big outing to the American Girl Place, we drove further into town to see Steven's side of the family (in the rain!  Why does it seem to rain every time we go to Houston?).  They were celebrating September birthdays at Steven's sister's house on Saturday night.  Unfortunately both of our September birthday boys were back home, but the girls and I enjoyed time with the family!  We missed seeing the grandparents though; they were under the weather :(

Crazy cousins!

Getting ready for cake...

It was the actual birthday of two cousins, Caleb and Emily.  Happy Birthday, guys!

It was such a fun, event-filled day with some of the people and places we love most.  The entire weekend was just what the girls and I needed, a little reminder of how blessed we are to have close friends and family!  Even though they aren't as geographically close now, we're still grateful to be only a few hours from nearly all our friends and family.  Thanks to all who made our trip so much fun!


Laura said...

Loved our quick visit at AGPlace!!!! You do not look like a giant in the photo....I was totally hunching over.....We are counting on seeing you and meeting your husband and sons in the very near future!!!! Yay! for blog friends!!!!!

Jill said...

So jealous about your meet up with Laura. Would love to meet her!!! (and you!!!)

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