Thursday, February 16, 2012

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I've been on quite a roll with the sewing and crafting! Our plain white Walmart bed skirt was just not offering enough coverage. And we don't even have a bed frame so it's not like the bed is really high! So I decided to cut up a blue floral twin bed skirt and sew it to the bottom and corners of the white one. It was quite a quick hack job and isn't even ironed, but I think it works out pretty well. And the free price tag is always a bonus!

We set up our new house without any dangerous things in bottom cabinets.  But now he likes to stand on tiptoe and try to grab things out of drawers.  You can never win with a toddler!

Thomas was adorable today watching a squirrel outside.  We got a video I'll post on here soon.  He was talking and pointing and just too cute.  I love the way he said squirrel, it was more like "schwblalia!"

Miss Baby Alive decided to try to jump through a window in the sunroom.  Or maybe she was thrown.  Either way, it's our second broken window here.  Tee Ball can't start soon enough!

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Mary said...

I love your blog, Blair. Its beautiful, happy and inspiring. I hope you are finding things to love about your new city.

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