Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation Review
10 Goals for Feb 13-19

Prayer and Community
1. Attend a family formation night on Monday at the SOLT center.
2. Pray a decade of the Rosary with the children. No, but led a chaplet with the homeschool group at our Valentines party.
3. Visit the local nursing home with the homeschool group on Valentine's Day.
4. Attend 2 Zumba classes. 
5. Take a nature walk with the children.
6. Plan weekly meals 
Mon-Chicken wraps. Tues-Pork loin, mashed potatoes, salad, Wed-Spaghetti and salad, Thur-baked chicken with broccoli, Fri-Pasta bake, Sat-Breakfast for dinner, Sun-grill? 
We did end up eating out several times over the weekend, I'm calling it my Mardi Gras weekend!
Home Management and Homeschool
7. Sort and prepare clothes for donate/resale (have these in 2 large baskets but need to iron and find out resale store's policies)
8. Start at one more sewing project on my list (camera case, stockings, pillowcases, girl skirts)
9. Kids in jammies by 8:30 and in bed by 9:00 on school nights, preferably earlier!  (A busy week ahead with the Family Night, Valentine's Day at nursing home, CC on Thurs, and Valentine's Party on Friday afternoon which I'm coordinating!)
10.  Read books with the boys once a day, start a new chapter book with the girls.
As you can see, I've done better with Prayer and Health, but not so great with the home management goals this week!
Monday Motivation
10 Goals for Feb 20-26
 Prayer and Community
1. Prepare for the Lenten season and decide on personal commitments.  Also considering a family commitment/sacrifice to help the children to be successful.  The ideas they came up with at dinner tonight were rather lofty, so I think we might try a similar plan to last year's:
   Mon-No screen time
   Tues-No treats- this includes fruit snacks, candy, cookies, etc.
   Weds-Go to Daily Mass as a family
   Thurs-Learn about a new Saint
   Fri-Pray the Stations of the Cross, or at least a few
   Sat-Pray a Rosary
   Sun-Nothing- Sunday is always a day of celebration!
2. Read the daily mass readings 3x this week.  I was in the narthex during nearly the entire Sunday mass, so I should at least read those!
3. Plan a mom's night for our homeschool group.

4. Attend 2 Zumba classes.
5. Go to bed by 11pm and set my alarm for 6:45am!!!  
6. Plan weekly meals and serve them!  Also do some "pinning" of meatless dishes for Lent.
Mon-Pasta bake, Tues-Leftovers (grilled chicken), Ash Weds-potato soup, Thurs-Baked chicken, Fri-(Stations and potluck at church?) Caprese pasta or Macaroni & cheese, Sat-chicken sandwiches, Sun-grill

Home Management and Homeschool (let's try this again!)
7.  Sort and prepare kid clothes for resale/donate
8.  Start one more sewing project on my list (camera case, stockings, pillow covers, skirts, quilts for kids' beds)
9.  Start getting kids ready for bed at 8:30, lights out at 9pm!
10. Read books with the boys once a day, finish Robert E Lee book with MC, and find a new family chapter book to start.

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