Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Birthday Blessings

So, Saturday was my birthday.  34.  It was kind of hard being away from "home" on my day.  But we made the most of it and had some fun times! 

On my birthday eve, we had a nearly-empty fridge and so I loaded the kids up to start driving to meet Steven.  Where?  I didn't know.  I just knew we needed food and couldn't wait any longer.  He had a lot of busy days at work with day trips out of town and around town last week, so he worked late most evenings.  Finally we were able to talk on the phone, but we could not decide on a dinner location.  I'm so indecisive!  And he tries so hard to make me happy.  He finally gave up brainstorming and told me to call back when I had found a place.  So I pulled over and pulled up Urban Spoon on my iPhone, finding a lovely little burger joint we'd just driven past.  They had fresh pizzas and burgers, chicken fingers, and chicken caesar salad (my fav).  We enjoyed our fun dinner, but I can't help but remember the older couple next to us.  The wife was on her iPad and husband on his smartphone the entire meal.  A very good reminder of where we don't want to be in 30 years.  Our meals are loud and silly, with funny stories and good "questions of the day," and I hope that when the kids are gone, we will still enjoy each other's company and not need electronics to entertain us.  But speaking of electronics, we went to Best Buy after dinner to look at cameras!  More on that later...

So, then came my birthday morning.  I got biscuits and bacon in bed, and spent the morning being lazy.  Steven then took all four kids to the grocery store while I went to a Zumba class.  It was actually a big promotional day to start their weight loss challenge, and I decided that with all the discounts, I'd use some of my birthday money to sign up for the challenge and six weeks of classes.  Now I'll be accountable to really work on my health these next few months!  I'm already feeling tremendously better mentally since starting to exercise again and eating a little better.

I came home for lunch and the adorable pink cupcakes they'd bought (with purses, lips, and high heels), and then I spent awhile by myself browsing through the antique mall down the street.  What a fun place to be!  So many little (and big) treasures.  Lots of beautiful things and inspiration.  I didn't buy anything but very much enjoyed this time alone.  I've been wanting to visit those stores, and aside from a quick visit to buy the girls teacups for their girls' club before we even moved here, I hadn't had a chance to look around there.  It's definitely not a kid-friendly place.  But it is a fun little spot to visit, and I hope to take my girlfriends and family members there when they visit (hint hint, we need some visitors)!

We had been planning to visit a nearby Mexican restaurant for my birthday dinner.  It's the favorite of a few of my friends here, and we thought we'd head over early to beat the dinner rush.  It was a good meal, but the service was quite interesting!  I am still laughing when I think about the waitress who brought us an extra plate of beans, but came back a few minutes later and grabbed them saying they were for another table.  Then she gave them to the table across from us!  At least we hadn't touched them.  She was very joyful and sweet, but handed dishes for me to pass out, the sizzling hot platter to Steven to place on the table and paper towels for us to help her clean up my spilled water.  Just a different kind of service than we'd normally get back home.  Kind of makes you feel like you're at a friend's house!  I actually prefer restaurants where you order at the front aren't waited on, it's just an extra thing to worry about and more of an expense.  But I think my current obsession with the show Downton Abbey has left me with an awe at the beautiful way that the servants do their jobs with love and respect.  It's teaching me a lot about manners, poise, and beauty that has really been lost in today's society.  I just finished watching Season 1 (I got Steven to watch 4 episodes with me over the weekend before he bailed on the show), and I can't wait to start watching the new season next!

After dinner, we went back to Best Buy and purchased the camera I thought would work best for my current needs.  Small to fit in a pocket, good Amazon reviews, on the lower end of prices, on sale, and with the ability to take multiple photos without much delay.  I still need to learn how to use more of the features, but so far, I'm just really glad to be able to take pictures with something other than an iPhone!  Thanks to my sweet family for this much-desired gift.

But the greatest gift of all are each of my lovely family members.  They each mean so much to me and I was truly filled with Birthday Blessings this past weekend, as I am every day.  I'm trying to focus on finding joy in these little moments with my family.  I tend to be critical and always comparing, especially comparing our new town.  But I have been given so much to be thankful for.  Although my 34th year was one of many struggles and changes, it has also been one of immense blessings and opportunity to trust in God's providence. 

I didn't really take any photos, but hopefully these words will help me remember the weekend.  The only photo I took on my birthday was on my iPhone, this striking image of the Blessed Mother and Child Jesus at one of the antique stores.  These are the people I have to thank for getting me through this past year...for my healthy boy with his healthy heart, my sweet growing baby, my hardworking schoolgirls, my husband and this great job opportunity, for our new home and our new adventure here.  I thank them for giving me hope and a vision, and the friends and family who inspire and pray for me on the journey.  May Jesus and His Holy Mother be my guide and inspiration during my 35th year!

Thanks to all of my friends and family who sent birthday wishes.  Blair is truly blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, Blair, YOU are a BLESSING to those of us who know you! What a lovely post. I need to learn how to subscribe to your blog; would you believe I ended up here through links from a few other ones (starting at Shower of Roses). That was pretty amusing to me when I was clicking on all these links and eventually saw your valentine wreath and just knew it was yours! :) I hope this next year of your life is wonderful in all aspects!
((Hugs)) Bev

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