Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinning it Down Tuesday

 Pinning it Down Tuesdays, this week at Everyday Snapshots!

Last week I finally made a rainbow bunting/flag banner which I'd been planning to do for a long while!  I've had several on my Pinterest Boards, like this one, and I've also enjoyed the Giggleberry Creations blog; she sells them here on Etsy.

I have had all those kid clothes ready to donate/resale, and grabbed a few items from those baskets to use for the banner!

I made a triangle template and started cutting!  Each flag is two triangles of fabric sewed together.  I sewed both sides, actually some fabric I just folded and sewed one side (see below).  I waited to sew the top closed until it was sewed onto the ribbon.

You can see my quick job here, there's a stray thread sticking out!  Like most of my sewing projects, I just kind of figure things out as I go and don't ever make things even or perfect!  This was an adorable Gap t-shirt that SJ used to wear but got a hole in it.  He pointed up to this on the wall the other night saying, "I liked that shirt!!!"

I sewed each of the flags to some pink ribbon we already had, leaving about 3 inches between each flag.  These are 3 clothing items of MC's...a clearance Walmart shirt, a hand-me-down orange shirt with sparkles, and some adorable Gymboree floral biker shorts (found resale) that needed to be retired.  Grand total on this sewing project= $0!

Red, green, and wide stripes were all SJ's t-shirts; the pinstripe were some old sheets, the pink you can't see was from PJ shorts of Ellie's, and the floral is my current bedskirt alteration fabric Laura Ashley pattern.  Gotta know your fabric history, of course :)

And here's our colorful living room!  I'm considering painting some of the frames different colors.  What do you think?


Melissa D. said...

I love it Blair . . . both the whole room, and your flags . . . particularly where you saved a shirt that you loved that was no longer wearable. Very crafty.

Sara said...

I love your banner! It's so cheerful, especially with the colorful pillows on the sofa and the pictures on the wall.

Elizabeth said...

I really love the room. It is so welcoming and colorful!!

Unknown said...

I love the color pop your banner gives to the room. And it seems like a "banner with a story" since you upcycled shirts- love that!

Pam Barnhill said...

This is super, super cute!

Marcia@TakingThyme said...

Love your banner! I made one last Christmas and my husband called them my gas station flags :)
Love them!

Laurie said...

Very cute!! And festive. I love that it can be used for any number of occasions.

dawn said...

Cute! That makes the room look so cheery and sweet.

Jeannine said...

Your bunting is awesome, Blair, and I really like that you used the kids' old clothes! That is a cool twist on this idea...thank you for sharing!

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