Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I don't like movies

I'm not one to enjoy going to the movie theater very much. Something about spending a few hours in a dark room with my mind zoned into another place...spending $4 on a popcorn or a water bottle...and not even getting to talk to my's just not really my thing.

It's also rare for there to be a movie out that I'm really interested in. The last one we saw was Fireproof, and before that I know we saw Over the Hedge (the only time the girls ever went, and Mary Clare was 3!) and The Passion of the Christ. I also remember falling asleep in the last Star Wars movie. And that's been about it in the past 10 years or so.

We rent movies from the Red Box every so often, and watch free flicks on But really I prefer sitcoms, documentaries, and reality shows; not as much a mental commitment I guess. We rented Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Friday night for the girls, and boy was I disappointed! That storybook is one of our favorites, but the movie was so different and had several inappropriate scenes for the kids, in my opinion.

Steven has really been wanting to see Avatar. I'd been hearing rave reviews and thought the 3D part would be really cool. My in-laws agreed to watch the kids at the last minute, so we drove across town to meet Steven there after work on Saturday, and once he arrived, he whisked me away on our little date.

I will say that the initial 3D part and the scenery and storyline were pretty fascinating in the beginning. But nearly 3 hours later, it was just too long and too much, and I was too ready to go and get my children, especially my "baby"! We both agreed our date would have been much more enjoyable at a nice restaurant and walking around the Galleria or something.

But it was a good little getaway and we're grateful to have family nearby to allow us these little date nights. We'll definitely be doing something a little more fun and a little more cheap next time! When I awoke the next morning, I had just had a nightmare about trying to find a cheap snack before going into the theater. I went into Dunkin Donuts, who made me pay $4 for a doughnut. Glad that was a nightmare; we love doughnuts around here!


Kristen said...

Amen to the movie thing. I feel the same way! My last theater movie was Nativity Story!

Anonymous said...

We so rarely go to movies. We saw the latest Star Trek last summer, but what can I say - we are geeks. Thank goodness for netflix. I love movies as long as I can pause them and eat my own snacks.

JulieC said...

I agree, Netflix is the way to go!! No late fees and you get to keep them as long as you want.

Lindsey said...

I don't like movie theaters either. i have no interest in seeing Avatar, or most movies. I'm content to wait until they are out on DVD, even though we don't have an HD tv. I really don't care!

The last movie we watched on a date was Fantastic Mr. Fox. Josh is a huge animation buff as well as a fan of the director. He loved it, I liked it, too. However, we spent over $50 (I didn't even want to look at the final total) b/c we went to a draft house type theater (and ordered dinner), and the theater itself was icky! It smelled bad, and about 2/3 through the movie, it felt like someone had suddenly opened the door to frigid temperatures outside (they had actually turned the a/c on full blast or something?) It was awful, very uncomfortable.

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